Sensor Technologies

Autonomous driving requires innovative solution concepts for sensor technologies

Autonomous driving functions become more relevant every day. Already today, partially automated functions are significantly increasing road safety.

Due to the safety relevance of autonomous driving systems, the demand for radar, LiDAR and camera technologies has risen considerably.

Central requirements for sensor technologies include the following:

  • A high resolution
  • Secure integration into mobile applications
  • Compliance with safety standards and norms
  • A possible industrialization to reduce costs

A cooperation with Bertrandt provides you with a strategic and operative service portfolio for worldwide market access.

Everything as a One-hand-solution!

Our services for you:

  • Strategic consulting for the market entry of services based on knowledge and requirements in regard to:
    • Requirement analysis
    • Innovation management
    • Project management
  • Operative engineering services in line with your strategy 
    • Testing services
    • Engineering services
    • Development services


Raise your testing to a new level with Bertrandt's service package:

  • Testing of your sensors according to the latest test standards in selected extreme situations, such as rain or fog
  • Benchmarking of the results against data from sensors currently available on the market
  • Consulting services for all aspects of further development of your sensors


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