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Modern cloud technologies are paving the way for the future of digitalization and networking. They make sure that data are always available regardless of location, thus ensuring stable performance at all times. Data can be stored in the cloud in almost unlimited quantities, thus making digital processes even more agile and automated. Cloud computing is playing a key role in the networking of the entire value stream.

Security first!

Autonomous vehicles such as the HARRI innovation platform are fitted with cameras and sensors that generate huge amounts of data. In fact, the quantities of data generated are so large that they can no longer be stored and processed locally. The Microsoft Azure Cloud, as well as Amazon Web Services (AWS), are particularly convincing due to their exceptionally high data security standards, the guarantee of complete transparency and control of the stored data, and the industry's largest compliance portfolio.

We are a Microsoft Silver Partner in the competency of Data Analytics and a Microsoft Gold Partner in the competencies of Datacenter, Cloud Platform, and Application Development:

Individual and agile!

The cloud solution via Azure provides a large number of interfaces that offer individual and agile solutions. For example, the use of Azure DevOps provides access to almost unlimited and above all flexible possibilities for scaling infrastructure. The provision of comprehensive development and testing environments can also be implemented within Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services in a very short time. This physical separation from the real environment enables us not only to provide optimum support for our customers in their specific development processes, but also to guarantee expert testing before an application is put into real operation. 

We are experts in automation!

At the same time, Bertrandt provides an experienced team of software and IT developers who meet the challenges of increasingly complex process and interface requirements with agile methodologies and offer flexible solutions for their customers with the aid of a high level of automation:

The application of CI/CD enables our expert team to automate software tests and deploy software in different target environments, from the early prototype stage to series-production readiness. We also ensure the acceleration of all processes involved by using Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) and implement fully automated deployment within your cloud infrastructure.

The optimization of existing backend structures and automation using CI/CD pipelines make it possible to test and deploy software within seconds. At the same time, the use of Azure DevOps significantly reduces the time spent on administration, thus saving additional costs. 

We will be happy to support you on all issues of automation, testing, and development. We can create testing and software requirements based on your specific needs and develop the necessary IT architecture.

For maximum speed and efficiency, we map the entire development process in DevOps. The agile DevOps approach is implemented with the aid of "infrastructure as code" (IAC). This involves the management of infrastructure components, such as networks, virtual machines, or load balancers, using the same versioning methodology that DevOps teams use when creating source code. By means of backend architecture and infrastructure as code, Bertrandt generates high-performance, customer-specific solutions. Our aim is to create stable and error-free structures to achieve a significant improvement in quality.

We offer you a wide portfolio of solutions, from individual software and support for your cloud infrastructure to third-level support – and all from a single source!  

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Bertrandt has many years of experience and cross-industry expertise in cloud computing and agile software development for a wide variety of application scenarios. Do not hesitate to contact us and tell us about your specific requirements. You will find out about the many benefits that cloud services can offer your company.           

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