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    Commercial Vehicles

    We develop solutions for every transport task.

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    Commercial Vehicles

    We develop solutions for every transport task.

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    Commercial Vehicles

    We develop solutions for every transport task.

Commercial vehicles such as trucks, buses or agricultural machines are developed at Bertrandt for continuous, heavy-duty operation and for maximum availability. Our expertise in such fields as lightweight design, electrification and automated and autonomous vehicles puts us well ahead of our competitors, and we make this knowledge available to our customers.

Commercial vehicle development: from the initial concept to validation

Every commercial vehicle is an independent and complex product that is developed according to the requirements of the application and the customers. Commercial vehicles, from small delivery vans to heavy, long-distance trucks, offer solutions for every transport task. Buses, whether they are minibuses, urban buses or long-distance coaches, are the optimum means of transporting people. These vehicles require a development process that is optimally adapted to the customer’s needs and the vehicle’s application. Bertrandt is specialised in meeting such challenges.

We develop individual components and modules and even complete commercial vehicles, and offer all services entirely within the Bertrandt Group, which means that there is no need for time-consuming coordination and complex interfaces with different suppliers. Our range of services includes the design, conception and development of the different vehicle body types as well as the development and integration of chassis, powertrain and electrical/electronic components.

Our services also include the testing of components and systems at our testing facilities as well as complete vehicle testing. Our prototype construction centres and our own workshops are specially equipped for the conversion and the requirements of commercial vehicles and round off our range of commercial vehicle development services.

Our customers from the commercial vehicle industry are the major OEMs, body manufacturers and system supplies.

Commercial vehicles such as trucks and buses are developed and built for continuous operation. The challenge lies in designing all modules and areas to suit the application and the loads involved. Our developers focus in particular on ensuring that the vehicles are suitable for everyday use and are easy to maintain. Among other things, this also includes accessibility for repairs, functional reliability in difficult climatic conditions and robustness against vandalism, for example in buses. We have extensive experience in the validation of functions and components and can also develop new test scenarios if required.

Based on our customers’ requirements, we develop concepts for the further modularisation of vehicle construction and provide solutions for alternative drive systems. We implement these concepts with optimised costs and production processes.

We apply our expertise in lightweight construction to enable commercial vehicles to carry higher payloads. What is more, we develop hybrid lightweight bodies using materials such as aluminium, magnesium, high-strength and complex steels, thermoplastics or natural and carbon fibre reinforced plastics (CFRP).     

We apply our experience and knowledge gained from numerous passenger car and aircraft development projects for renowned OEMs to the modularisation and design of lightweight components.    

Services in the field of lightweight design and modularisation

  • Structural application of materials and semi-finished products according to requirements
  • FEM analyses for the full exploitation of the material
  • Experience in methodological and modular concept development
  • Involvement of and collaboration with system supplies
  • Validation of design and FEM analysis using shaker test stands (endurance testing)

Alternative drive systems are now becoming the standard for inner-city traffic and for transportation between logistics centres and urban distribution centres. Bertrandt has many years of experience in every aspect of electric mobility and the electrification of powertrains.

We have a significant knowledge lead in the market in the development of powertrains and in the combination of classical drive technologies and hybrid technologies with electronics know-how. For the electrification of vehicles, we develop new power electronics components, electrical connection technology and software algorithms for battery management systems (BMS).

We play a definitive role in the development of derivatives for high-voltage batteries and develop concepts for how primary batteries can be transferred to new vehicles and vehicle variants. This includes issues of mechanical, structural, electrical and thermal design and validation.

Our services in the field of electric mobility and electrification

  • System design
  • System integration
  • Vehicle conversion/construction
  • Derivative development for high-voltage batteries
  • Battery management systems
  • Testing
  • Charging technologies for charging stations
  • Wireless data communication for charging processes

Advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and systems for environmental recognition are rapidly becoming more important also for commercial vehicles. Bertrandt has already been involved in numerous projects for the development of automated and autonomous driving strategies in recent years. These include, among other things, the processing of sensor data from camera, ultrasound, laser and lidar radar systems (environment recognition) as well as software and function developments for steering control with lateral/longitudinal control and trajectory planning of the route.   

We develop algorithms for environment recognition sensor systems and data analysis with the aid of machine learning. In addition, we have extensive know-how in localisation, connectivity and cloud applications.

Individual components, integrated systems and the interaction between all systems are tested for the validation of the automated and autonomous driving functions.

Our services for automated and autonomous driving

  • Trajectory planning
  • lateral/longitudinal control
  • Environment recognition
  • Data analytics
  • Connectivity and backend
  • Driverless transportation systems

Bertrandt has many years of experience in the field of development-supporting testing and endurance tests, ranging from the development of test concepts to the provision of turnkey test facilities. We support OEMs, both nationally and internationally, in their testing activities and coordinate tests and testing locations in different climate zones for special requirements.

In software development, the entire life-cycle is supported with improvements as a continuous development process (DevOps approach) to meet continuously increasing quality requirements. We are equally familiar with function development processes.

We also offer our “x­track” system, which comprises mobile testing equipment for testing and measuring on location at the manufacturer’s site. Among other things, the measuring and testing equipment includes a testing system for pedestrian and cyclist dummies, driving robots, measuring and camera technology, mobile road lighting systems, a weather station and sensors for temperature, pressure and forces in the braking system.

Further services for Testing/Vehicle Construction and Conversion

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