Vehicle Body/Interior Development

Ein Mann und eine Frau stehen mit einem Plan vor einem Fahrzeugcockpit

Development Partner and System Integrator

The vehicle body and interior development process focuses above all on the creation of concepts and designs. The body of the corresponding commercial vehicle is connected with a chassis. Development steps such as design and seat construction are also optimally adapted to the vehicle.


  • Design
  • Surfacing
  • Modelling/Prototype Building/Rapid Technologies
  • Digital/Physical Mock-Up
  • Body-in-White Structure Development
  • Development of Doors/Closures
  • Interior Development
  • Exterior Development
  • Concept Development/Design
  • Design Validation
  • Installation Space Concept
  • Component Design
  • Module Development
  • Derivative Development
  • Complete Vehicle Development
  • Development of Chassis/Body Frame
  • Driver’s Cab (Cockpit, Electric Compartment, etc.)
  • Ceiling System (Lighting, Air Conditioning, etc.)
  • Seats, Grab Bars, Bulkheads
  • Front/Rear Dome, Transverse Channel
  • Calculation Services and Technical Documentation


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