High-Voltage Battery: Full Power


The specialists who created me developed a high-voltage battery especially for me. It works together with the engine or the powertrain to form a system that is ideally appropriate for my need for electrical energy, power and availability.


The new high-voltage battery for HARRI is a prototype that was entirely developed in-house at our company. Our international developers pooled all their competencies for this project: that extends from the electrical configuration and mechanics to design and software development all the way to assembly and testing. The prototype is currently undergoing testing for series production release in our own newly erected high-voltage battery test center with its own climate chamber.


Proprietary battery development

The newly developed battery system is scalable and consists of multiple battery modules along with the battery management system—the interface to the vehicle and to the cloud. The battery provides the energy for the vehicle powertrain and on-board power supply. Its modules consist of multiple lithium-ion cells with high energy density. They are significantly lighter in weight and more compact than the technology thus far available on the market. Its sensor-determined temperature and voltage data are transmitted to the battery management system. Specially developed software algorithms allow our engineers to ensure that the battery cells are operated in the optimal temperature and voltage range.

Interface to the cloud

The battery data are forwarded from the battery management system to the vehicle displays. This data is available to smartphone apps and for communication with intelligent charging stations via the cloud.
HARRI’s battery system meets the functional safety requirements in accordance with ISO 26262 as well as the quality specifications of automotive SPICE.

Integrated solutions:

  • Mechanical and electrical design
  • Development of test specifications and preliminary commissioning
  • Assembly/structure HV-battery
  • Test (battery test station and climate chamber)
  • Software for battery management system


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