Back-end and Cloud: Totally connected


I’m constantly connected to the back-end and the cloud platform. The cloud keeps me up-to-date with the latest information, constantly feeds me the current navigation data and supports and secures my communication with drivers and the outside world.


The cloud is HARRI’s gateway to the world. Working together they form a systems unit, whereby the cloud virtually assumes the role of the brain—as the site of intelligence, learning, self-control and orientation. As part of the scalable IT back-end, it processes vehicle or sensor data in real time and supplies the vehicle with everything it needs for orientation and communication.


Navigation online and off

Let us take the example of orientation or directional guidance: To ensure secure navigation, the cloud provides maps that are exact to the centimeter as well as real time navigation information with online features.  Moreover, maps are uploaded to the vehicle to ensure that HARRI is securely steered through any dead zone. Conversely, the cloud is always up-to-date as to where the vehicle is moving at any time.

Secure connectivity to  devices and vehicles  

In order to drive safely on roads and in cities, HARRI must be capable of multifaceted networking. In addition to HMI interfaces such as smartphones or apps, additional devices and vehicles must be connected or have access to the cloud. That is something our connectivity experts take care of. They also ensure the encrypted, certificate-based exchange of data and open information channels, such as the exchange between the vehicle and/or charging data with the charging infrastructure.

HARRI‘s world and its options are growing

Bit by bit, we are transferring the world into the cloud for HARRI—so to speak as a digital twin. This includes intelligent traffic lights, parking garages or charging station (loT) with which HARRI communicates automatically. New apps, updates and functionalities that are integrated into the cloud (CI/CD) continually expand the capabilities of the innovation platform. Currently in the planning state: a tele-service with service employees that guide HARRI through difficult situations live.

Integrated solutions:

  • Remote diagnostics
  • Online/offline navigation based on the NDS standard
  • Cloud-to-cloud communication (IoT)
  • Integrated cloud voice assistant service


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