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    Design Modeling and Rapid Technologies

    Faster and with higher quality due to digital processes.

  • Design Modeling and Rapid Technologies

    Faster and with higher quality due to digital processes.

Design modeling and rapid technologies make our customers’ ideas tangible and provide a ‘touchable’ experience. As a specialist in the manufacturing of particularly high-quality physical models, Bertrandt offers a broad spectrum of services – from the initial concept idea to series production, even including the product’s end of life. To ensure fast and high-quality results, our models and prototypes are created with the highest quality using skilled craftsmanship combined with the use of simulation, virtual reality, and mixed reality. In addition to our main focus on the automotive industry, we are also generally active in the aerospace, medical technology, and industrial sectors.

Our expertise extends from virtual reality developments and clay and hard modeling to user experience models and show cars. It is based on many different projects that we have successfully completed using rapid technologies and design modeling over more than 25 years. Our extensive Bertrandt network enables us to flexibly make use of capacities and special know-how at any time as required. Across all our sites, state-of-the-art machines and equipment are available on a floor space of 5,500 m2 and in air-conditioned facilities, providing services such as additive manufacturing, injection molding, vacuum casting, milling machines, paintshops, measuring systems, non-contact scanners, and mobile laser measuring technology. The high level of vertical integration and the size of our plant and equipment also ensure that we are independent of third-party service providers, thus enabling us to seamlessly offer further development-supporting services that go beyond modeling and prototyping.

More flexible due to digital design processes

Our team systematically applies the latest technologies, methods, and manufacturing processes. Digitalization makes processes more interactive, flexible, and efficient. Variants can be produced more easily and are available more quickly. Color, material, or light effects can be simulated at an early stage and implemented more effectively in physical models.
We support the creative design processes with digital workflows, efficient data management, and high-quality virtual environments. We implement digital design data in mathematically correct and physically highly precise models.

Design modeling and rapid technologies: from sketch to final

We deliver high-quality design models and prototypes in a shorter time, with greater flexibility, and in reliable processes.

  • Our design modeling services include milling, gauging and cubing technology, plastic processing, tool making for injection molding, and measuring technology. We ensure precise gap dimensions and maximum dimensional accuracy and guarantee that the highest demands are met with regard to surface quality.
  • We use rapid prototyping to provide precise illustrative or functional prototypes from digital data in the shortest possible time, from single units to small-series production. In addition, we create high-quality lights with programmable lighting functions in our own light studio.
  • In the case of prototypes made of series-production material, we attach particular importance to ensuring reliably recorded measured values as well as faster validation and shorter prototype phases. With our many years of know-how in all standard programming and production methods, we can manufacture reliable prototypes from series-production material in the shortest possible time.
  • We provide models for trade fairs and presentations that make your visions tangible, such as show cars with electronic functions. We also take responsibility for the software and lighting design for these models.

Know-how and services for a wide range of sectors

  • For vehicle development, Bertrandt works for all major OEMs as well as in the field of commercial vehicle and special vehicle construction. For example, we create ergonomic models for the driver’s and operator’s workplaces.
  • For aerospace development: in the field of tooling, we provide support in the manufacturing of production models and create joining jigs and composite cutting jigs, etc.
  • For medical technology, we create injection molded components and device covers in small and medium quantities.
  • For industrial companies, we use rapid tooling to manufacture complex assemblies with high-quality components made of metal and plastic.

Benefits of RIM and rapid tooling

The production of plastic molded parts using the Reaction Injection Molding (RIM) process can deliver between 100 and 200 parts from hard molds. The advantages of this process include constant quality and low costs with higher production quantities. The cycle time is just 20 to 40 minutes per part with a daily production quantity of up to 20 parts.

Benefits of rapid tooling

  • Manufacturing of components from series-production material
  • Components for the construction of the first prototype vehicles
  • Components for test purposes in small series
  • Always used when the strength of the original series-production material is required
  • Simple mold construction, including fully automatic molds
  • Plastic injection molded parts from your chosen series-production material
  • Cost and time savings due to the use of aluminum molds
  • 3D-printed prototype parts using different processes
  • PU prototypes from silicone and RIM molds
  • Molded parts in all Shore hardnesses and colors

The key points at a glance

  • Aerospace technology
  • Composites
  • Prototype components
  • Functional assemblies
  • Functional lights
  • Series production

1. Design models

Individual model creation, including the design and integration of HMI / light elements

  • Clay models
  • Proportional / ergonomic models
  • See-through models
  • Design experience vehicles / show cars

2. Dimensional models

  • Design-check models
  • Data control models
  • Test cubing / master buck
  • Surface testing models

3. Functional lights

  • Design patterns
  • Pre-series lights
  • Racing lights
  • Ambience and interior lighting
  • Simulation and calculation
  • Design:
    • CAD systems: Catia V5, Siemens NX  
    • NC programming CAM: Tebis
  • Milling center:
    • 5-axis HSC machine park
    • Workpiece size up to 7.5 m
    • Dry / wet machining
  • Measuring technology / digitalization:
    • 3D coordinate measuring machines 
    • Floor plates level with the ground for measurements on complete vehicles
    • Measuring machines in sizes up to 18.0 x 3.0 x 3.5 m
    • Mobile Zeiss laser tracker
    • GOM Atos Triple Scan
  • Generative processes:
    • SLS
    • SLA
    • 3D printing
  • VAC/ RIM:
    • Vacuum casting
    • 2-component dispensing
  • Tool making:
    • CAD
    • CAM
    • Milling center
  • Injection molding:
    • MuCell© technology
    • Clamping force up to 750 t
  • Clean-room painting:
    • High-end finishes
    • Special finishes
    • Technical surface grains
  • Prototype parts:
    • PU components
    • All common series-production materials
    • 2-component parts
  • Functional assemblies:
    • Building of assemblies
    • Electrification of assemblies
    • Integration of software and remote components
  • Functional lights:
    • Design patterns
    • Pre-series lights
    • Racing lights
    • Ambience and interior lighting
    • Simulation and calculation
  • Series production:
    • Consulting on technology selection
    • Flexible production and delivery schedules
    • QA support
  • Quality management according to ISO 9001
  • Quality management for aerospace according to EN 9100
  • Environmental management according to ISO 14001
  • Information security according to VDA TISAX on the basis of ISO / IEC 27001
  • Accreditation for testing laboratories according to ISO / IEC 17025
  • Quality management for medical devices according to ISO 13485
  • Occupational health and safety management according to VBG AMS on the basis of ISO 45001

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