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    Body construction and paintwork for special vehicles, prototypes, and exhibition vehicles

  • Body construction and paintwork for special vehicles, prototypes, and exhibition vehicles

High-quality body construction and paintwork that go beyond series engineering and mass production require expert craftsmanship and proven know-how. Bertrandt is the first port of call for such expertise. Our highly qualified specialist staff use their expert skills to manufacture body components for single or multiple production units, carry out vehicle conversions, and apply the finest paintwork to provide the perfect finish for exhibition vehicles and the like. 

Generously equipped and professional workshops with the highest of standards have the capability to meet every customer’s needs: from ‘stretching’ vehicles and providing special components for official agency vehicles to producing special editions of series-production vehicles. In the best quality and with the implementation of all industry-relevant standards.

Mechanical production and metal construction

Our focus is on metal construction. In particular, we work on official agency vehicles, special vehicles, and prototypes at a very early phase. We create components especially for them and carry out all the modifications that are necessary on the vehicle’s body. 
In addition, our work involves the construction of frames and fixtures. We build frames of all kinds for testing the manufactured components, for example for environmental simulations, shaker tests, or durability tests.

Vehicle paintwork for exhibition vehicles and special editions

Our vehicle painting capacities ensure the ideal optical finish for small series and exhibition vehicles according to the highest requirements. Our special editions have paintwork in series finish quality. And we also offer high-end quality for our exhibition vehicles – including careful preparation with primer-surfacers, sanding for an optimum overall impression, and the application of special finishes. Our painting work is rounded off with quality assurance testing in the light tunnel. There, we can simulate the lighting conditions on our trade fair stand.

Testing laboratory for joining processes (development, analysis, and diagnostics)

Our specialist team uses the latest testing technology to carry out tests on welded joints and adhesive bonds, for example for the first series-production vehicles. For the many different tests, the bodies are expertly disassembled or cut up into their component parts and bonded components are separated, for example to test the implementation of drawing specifications, the correct adhesive bond, or the strength of the welded joints. We also carry out the diagnosis of corrosion on components, for example on vehicles after endurance testing.  

Our most important services at a glance

We can provide all of the services described above with our extensive inventory of machines.

1. Metal construction:

  • CNC machining
  • Water jet cutting machine
  • Measuring plates
  • Welding field (14 welding gun geometries)

2. Painting:

  • Painting booths
  • Trade fair lighting stand (simulation of the trade fair situation)
  • Light tunnel (evaluation of the finish quality)

1. Mechanical manufacturing / metal construction

  • Manufacturing and assembly of vehicle and single-part concepts
  • Body adaptations and conversions
  • Cutting and joining technology, CNC machining
  • Welding

2. Surface treatment and finishing

  • Painting and wrapping of vehicles and components up to small series production
  • Class A finish for trade fair presentations
  • Treatment and changing of surfaces
  • Testing laboratory for process development
  • Body and single-part diagnostics

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Vice President Operations – Vehicle & Prototype Services