Autonomous Mobility & Information Systems

Autonomous Mobility & Information Systems

Autonomous Mobility & Information Systems. Experience and Drive.

With our future-oriented driver assistance systems, autonomous driving is becoming ever more accessible. In addition, our innovative infotainment systems ensure the right information is available anywhere, at any time. As a consultant and support provider throughout every phase of the development process, we contribute our vast experience and our drive. You benefit from our interdisciplinary skills and expertise, from the initial idea through to a product’s end-of-life. 

Systemic excellence at every level: transversal skills meet expert knowledge in the domains from ADAS to UX.

Our cross-domain skills and overall understanding of the vehicle is as apparent in developing E/E architectures as it is in HMI/UX projects and ADAS/AD tasks. In every area, you get a one-stop-shop, maximum flexibility, and collaborative working between project teams and technology specialists that promises success. Our in-depth knowledge in the fields of connectivity,  infotainment, active safety and in body & comfort systems will also give you that crucial advantage. 
For a technological change process, implementation or rollout, we will be at your side as an experienced, reliable partner. 

An overview of our key competencies in the field of autonomous driving and information systems:

Benefit from our in-depth experience and cross-domain skills in vehicle architecture and sensor systems for integrating functions and components:

  • From the requirements specification, through comprehensive project management, integrating vehicle sensors, analytics, go-live, application and validation
  • Function ownership with responsibility for results
  • Conceptual development of ADAS/AD technology showpieces and integration into a wide range of platforms, and small fleet development
  • Testing management and production of testing catalogs
  • Metrology specialists with in-house products and products from well-established partners
  • Component experts for radar & cameras

An interdisciplinary team for enhanced safety and comfort for (semi-)autonomous driving.

Benefit from in-depth expert knowledge and maximum flexibility through guaranteed access to all the necessary resources, for testing your active safety systems from ADAS to AD:

  • Specification and evaluation of even complex test scenarios, well beyond NCAP
  • Legally defined, OEM-specific validation, including sensor-specific tests 
  • System performance tests on the road based on deep functional expertise  
  • Access to all available accessible test sites
  • Mobile x-track lab for greater flexibility
  • Quality assurance for the process using testing tools with appropriate documentation

Around 100 experts who know the system inside-out. Over 10 years’ experience. Available to you within 48 hours.

Minimize interfaces and make use of our vast experience with all popular body & comfort systems:

  • Independent development management, integration, analytics and commissioning of components and functions
  • Partially and fully automated testing
  • Outstanding expertise in vehicle architecture, networking and diagnostics
  • Reliable supplier management including on-site by component and QM managers
  • Vehicle lighting developed from initial draft sketches to small batch production
  • Validation of static and dynamic functions in the vehicle and lab

All from a one-stop-shop. From concept, through serial production, to end of production.

State of the Art Connect technology expertise combined with professional project management and an exceptional service mentality.

Car-to-Cloud: Over-the-air diagnoses, updates and shopping plus wireless connectivity incl. SIM profile management

Car-to-Consumer device: Bluetooth and Wifi validation independent of protocols, certification preparations for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

Development for IoT devices with Bluetooth, Wifi, Zigbee and 5G

A strong team for the entire development process. Cross-domain, incl. end-to-end testing and issue triaging.

Benefit from our all-round, cross-sector expertise in the UI/UX field as the basis for your user-centered applications taking multimodal approaches into account:

  • Strategies for HMI: From pre-development, specification, design and validation, implementation and testing through to serial production – with a wholly interdisciplinary approach
  • User studies from A-Z incl. experiences with simulation and hardware setups
  • End-to-end HMI process via overall managing function (agile or conventional)
  • Awards for creativity and innovation, e.g. the German Innovation Award 2020
  • UX writing incl. style guide, master text and text management – also in foreign languages

HMI expertise combined with a hands-on mentality.

With their overall understanding of the vehicle and in-depth knowledge, the Infotainment team offers a broad range of services:

  • From requirements management, through function and application development, to functional and system testing


  • Navigation using NDS (the only engineering provider member)
  • Map generation with in-house tools
  • Testing house for automated validation of tuners worldwide

Has been active in infotainment for some 20 years with a team of generalists and specialists.
330 team members to make your project a success.

We are experts in the design, development and validation of E/E architectures, onboard, offboard and stationary:

  • Innovative in-house E/E architecture based on the latest trends, incl. modelling in tools for architecture design
  • Service-oriented communication strategies
  • Architectures for domain computers
  • In-depth, neutral competition analytics and setting of benchmarks
  • Consulting services based on extensive experience on complex projects
  • Technology transfer from well-designed architectures for future sectors

Quality via comprehensive process management and deep knowledge of architectures.

With our broad experience of the sector, as a partner we advise and support our clients, with our well-developed methodological skills and extensive knowledge of tools, from the initial idea through to a product’s end-of-life:

  • Systems engineering (model-based) for the entire vehicle
  • Added value from tandems of specialists and process experts
  • Well-established training courses for tools & methods
  • Aligned with all the common standards such as ISO 26262, so safety is guaranteed
  • Best Practice deductions based on lengthy experience 

Whether you have a technological change process, implementation or rollout: we shall stand by your side as an experienced, reliable partner.

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Christian Ruland

Vice President Operations – Autonomous Mobility & Information Systems

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