Antennae Simulation

Electromagnetic Field Simulation at Bertrandt.

Connectivity has long since become an essential part of almost all areas of life – constant mobile accessibility, autonomous driving, or vehicles that can communicate with us are just some examples of our current and future everyday life.

A key role in this connected world is played by high-frequency signals, such as those used for Bluetooth, wi-fi and 5G networks. The distribution of these signals requires antennas that develop their full potential through optimum positioning and directivity.

The same applies to the relevant sensors in the vehicle (Park Distance Control, Adaptive Cruise Control, pedestrian detection, etc.), which are vitally important for autonomous and semi-autonomous driving.

Of course, even in a connected world, ensuring people’s health and safety is the top priority. For the protection of everyone, standards and test procedures have been developed to control exposure to electromagnetic waves, and maximum levels of exposure have been defined. With the aid of a SAR assessment, we at Bertrandt are able to determine potential exposure values at an early stage in the development process and to derive recommendations for action from them.

Rapid progress, ever shorter development cycles coupled with increasing variance in vehicle equipment and fewer opportunities for testing the hardware mean that simulation in this area is becoming increasingly important.    

Our services in the field of digital validation.

We at Bertrandt are happy to support you in all aspects of digital validation by providing the following services:

  • Positioning and integration of antennas
  • Simulation of antennas
  • SAR assessment to verify compliance with legal requirements
  • Derivation of recommendations for action
  • Support during the entire development process

Furthermore, we are proud to have a long-standing partnership with Dassault Systèmes, our competent software cooperation partner. The cooperation enables us to have a regular exchange as well as the professional competence regarding the application of the relevant tools, among others CST Studio Suite.

If you have any questions regarding our services, we would be pleased to hear from you.

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