09.08.2021 | press release

Bertrandt increases revenues and earnings in the third quarter and identifies significant need for specialist staff to work on market megatrends

Bertrandt publishes report on 3rd quarter of 2020/2021

Ehningen, 09. August 2021 – The Bertrandt Group increases revenues and earnings in the third quarter year on year. The fiscal year to date has been predominated by the effects of the coronavirus pandemic. The determined alignment of the business to the market and the countermeasures taken to cope with the impact of the pandemic are reflected in Bertrandt’s key indicators. The persistent focus on mobility megatrends involves good opportunities for further growth, for which Bertrandt is paving the way by means of a future-oriented strategic organisational alignment.

Overall, the first nine months of fiscal year 2020/2021 continued to be affected by the coronavirus pandemic. Bertrandt’s countermeasures showed their effect in the performance of the second and third quarters. Total revenues in the third quarter were 4.3% higher than in the same quarter in the previous year and add up to EUR 631.027 million for the fiscal year to date. Only towards the end of the reporting period did the growing success of the vaccine rollout in Europe allow the easing of government-mandated restrictions, leading to a general recovery of the economy which in other regions began as early as in spring. The development of Bertrandt’s customers’ business varied as a result. Macroeconomic and sector-specific indicators, however, show signs of a sustained recovery of the market. Above all in Germany, gradual improvement in market sentiment has been noticeable in the outlooks of Bertrandt’s customers.

In the economic environment described above, the company’s key performance indicators developed as follows in the first nine months of fiscal 2020/2021:

  • In the third quarter of fiscal year 2020/2021, total revenues rose by 4.3% from EUR 205.469 million to EUR 214.232 million. Nine months into the fiscal year, total revenues amount to EUR 631.027 million (previous year EUR 713.709 million).
  • EBIT improved by EUR 3.635 million in the third quarter to EUR 1.794 million (previous year EUR -1.841 million). An extra day of paid leave factored into wages and salaries affected earnings in the reporting period. After nine months, EBIT comes to EUR 12.877 million (previous year EUR 19.397 million).
  • The workforce as at the end of the first three quarters was 11,899 people (previous year 12,788).

The megatrends in the mobility sectors are fuelled by the measures derived from the European ‘Green Deal’. “Engineering service providers are therefore able to expect growing market potentials especially from e-mobility. As an expert organisation, Bertrandt is in a good position to provide tailored solutions to our customers, both OEMs and system suppliers”, says Markus Ruf, Board Member Finance at Bertrandt AG. A continued high level of demand for solutions in the fields of autonomous systems, connectivity and digitalisation can be observed. According to external market studies, a growing market evolves for engineering service providers. Moreover, the trend towards the outsourcing of whole project packages comprehensively managed by engineering service providers is unbroken, a business which Bertrandt can now even better serve thanks to its new group structure. Bertrandt’s specific expertise in the product development process across mobility sectors such as automotive or aerospace offers potentials.
In this context, specialist expertise is required, particularly in the software field. Bertrandt is therefore intensifying its search for new staff in this discipline.
Sustainability is an essential element also of Bertrandt’s group strategy, be it in the development of innovations for Bertrandt’s customers or when it comes to meeting a variety of ESG criteria. For these achievements, the rating agency MSCI-ESG- Research awarded an AA rating to Bertrandt.

The automotive industry is still in the midst of a fundamental transformation and the company is responding to the new market opportunities by implementing organisational changes which have been in place since the beginning of the fiscal year. Bertrandt’s competences have been pooled at the company’s different locations so that it can provide access to the full range of services and all experts in the group to customers from varied sectors. By means of focused strategic alignment, with the new organisational structure and consistent investments, Bertrandt has paved the way for a successful future.

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Bertrandt is one of the world's leading development service providers. Based on almost 50 years of experience in the automotive sector, the technology company is pursuing the goal of helping to shape the extended mobility of the future, including in the aviation and commercial vehicle segments. Its holistic project management activities focus on digitalization, autonomous systems, electromobility, networking and sustainability. In addition, Bertrandt offers solutions for customers in mechanical engineering, medical technology and the electrical industry across the entire product development process and life cycle. The range of services includes simulation, development, engineering, validation and after sales. Bertrandt AG was founded in 1974 and is headquartered in Ehningen near Stuttgart. Around 12,000 employees work at 50 locations worldwide.

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