07.09.2017 | Press Releases

New analysis platform for connected driving based on the Microsoft cloud

Bertrandt and Microsoft present a joint solution at the IAA

Ehningen/Frankfurt, 07. September 2017 – The specialist technology company Bertrandt and Microsoft Germany are exhibiting a joint project regarding cloud computing as a premiere at the International Motor Show (IAA). This will make driving even more comfortable and safer in future.

The Automotive Analytics and Development Platform uses sensors to capture vehicle data and to store and analyse it on the Microsoft cloud platform Azure. The platform has been installed in a car which is equipped with sensors that can detect and classify the type of road and identify the road conditions. The data is then sent to the Microsoft cloud via the mobile network.

This is an important step towards autonomous driving, which requires vehicles to be connected to one another. The new solution will allow traffic congestion and speed limits to be detected, for example, and the location of damage to the road surface, such as pot holes, to be identified. Using this information, following vehicles will be able to adjust their speed and their chassis and suspension settings automatically. This will give the occupants a more comfortable ride and at the same time reduce wear on the components of the cars. Another important consideration for autonomous driving is safety and this new solution also results in an increase in safety levels. For example, if there is heavy rain or ice on a particular stretch of road, this information can also be passed on to other vehicles in the form of swarm data. These cars can then adapt their speed to suit the conditions or choose a different route.

The sensor data is managed centrally by the Microsoft cloud platform Azure and stored in an Azure SQL database. Azure stream analytics are then used to analyse the data and make forecasts on the basis of statistical algorithms and automotive expertise provided by Bertrandt. The results will be displayed in interactive graphics that will help developers to make cars more comfortable and safer in future.

In addition, by evaluating the swarm data it is possible to predict how the road surface will wear. This will enable public authorities, for example, to plan road repairs more accurately and to gain a better understanding of the condition of the roads. The cloud solution has one further benefit. The process involves collecting large volumes of data and developing complex algorithms, which requires a huge data storage and evaluation capacity. Microsoft Azure provides this in a scalable and secure form.

Bertrandt and Microsoft are presenting the Automotive Analytics and Development Platform for the first time at the Frankfurt International Motor Show, which takes place from 12 to 24 September 2017. Between 10.00 and 14.00 on the press and trade days, from 12 to 15 September, visitors will have the opportunity to run individual data analyses in real time. After 14.00 each day, they can take a test drive in a car equipped with sensors in order to experience the measurements being made. Experts from both companies will be on hand to answer questions about the development of the platform and the process involved. The presentation will take place on the Bertrandt stand B20 in hall 5.1.

Since last year Bertrandt has been using mixed reality technology in the form of the Microsoft HoloLens headset for application development, which enables it to add digital content to the real world. As a result, developers can make changes to components at an early stage of the development process without having to wait until prototypes are available. Bertrandt will be presenting exhibits using the Microsoft HoloLens at the motor show.

As one of Europe’s leading development specialists, Bertrandt is a trustworthy and dependable partner for current and future projects in every area of research and development. Bertrandt offers all of its customers a comprehensive portfolio of services with customized, end-to-end solutions covering the entire product development process. Customers can benefit from the expertise of the entire company as a result of the group-wide departmental structure and the site-based, local approach to market development.

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