14.07.2022 | press release

Bertrandt aims to be CO2 neutral by 2039

On the way to climate neutrality

Ehningen, 14. July 2022 – Bertrandt aims to operate in a CO2-neutral manner from 2039. This goal inclu-des the entire supply chain. A Bertrandt project team has been implemented to develop and consistently implement the measures necessary to achieve this. The first step is to achieve a reduction in emissions of at least 15 percent across all greenhouse gases by 2030. The base year for all calculations is 2019.

As a cross-sector development service provider, Bertrandt is actively shaping the transformation of mobility and technological progress – and thus of society as a whole – towards a sustainable future. Bertrandt is aware of its role and the responsibility that goes with it: "Sustainable and responsible corporate governance is enshrined as a core element in our corporate strategy. Sustainable action based on the diverse ESG criteria will become more and more important. We are aware that we will only be successful in the long term if our economic activities are in harmony with the concerns of the environment and society", says Markus Ruf, member of the Management Board of Bertrandt AG.

Decarbonization by 2039 is a top priority for Bertrandt. With the defined targets and concrete measures, the development service provider is on the one hand contributing to achieving the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement and on the other hand strengthening its position as a leading development service provider and supplier of sustainable solutions, for example in the field of e-mobility.

Bertrandt is pursuing a clear strategy in order to achieve its self-imposed goal of cutting CO2 emissions by at least 15 percent across all greenhouse gases by 2030 (reference year 2019) and to operate on a completely climate-neutral basis from 2039 onwards: specific measures are being defined and implemented throughout the company for divisions, regions and functional areas, thus systematically continuing the path it has been following for several years.

Sustainability in three dimensions

Sustainability is thought of in three dimensions at Bertrandt: engineering services for customers, inclusion of suppliers in a holistic environmental management system and reduction of energy consumption in the company's own facilities.

With its broad range of services, Bertrandt helps customers achieve their sustainability goals. This is achieved, for example, with end-of-life strategies for high-voltage batteries (recycling, concepts, remanufacturing) or circular economy strategies for test vehicles (assessment, environmentally compatible dismantling and efficient, certified recycling and disposal of prototypes). With the claim of developing environmentally friendly and resource-saving technologies, Bertrandt considers the entire life cycle of its services and products.

In order to achieve CO2 reduction, the entire supply chain is integrated. A Code of Conduct forms the basis of all supplier contracts, training and target agreements, action controls as well as panel management and regular audits guarantee the implementation of relevant requirements.

Last but not least, Bertrandt is focusing in particular on its own operating facilities and has drawn up a sustainable energy concept for all its sites worldwide, which is continuously managed and optimized. A gradual switch to green energy is currently underway, and the possibility of producing own ecological electricity is also being examined. In addition to active operational management of plants and test facilities, as well as space and building management, increasingly efficient systems are being used. A CO2-oriented vehicle fleet regulation and investment strategy for expansion and replacement investments are also important steps on the way to climate neutrality. Employees and managers are sensitized to the issues of CO2 savings and sustainability through regular training courses.

The transformation in the mobility sector is fundamentally of great importance for the global development service provider. Together with its customers, Bertrandt develops sustainable innovations and also relies on digitalization, automation and optimization of important methods and processes. This saves resources, increases efficiency and ultimately ensures that Bertrandt's carbon footprint becomes ever smaller.

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