HMI/UX Development

HMI/UX Development

Digitalization has radically changed the interface between humans and machines. We now operate and control more and more products in different ways. While touch displays have become a common feature of everyday life, interaction using natural language as well as gestures and facial expressions opens up completely new opportunities for designing a human-machine interface.

The human-machine interface forms precisely this link between human beings and technology and has the function or transferring information and commands using different operating modalities.  Whether they need to operate a washing machine, a vehicle, or even an industrial process control system, users today are continually confronted with new tasks.

Flexible and user-friendly control elements help to successfully master this complexity. The key task of an HMI is to facilitate communication between humans and machines.  In order to develop a user-friendly human-machine interface, it is crucial to consistently place the user at the centre of the development process.

For that reason, user-centered design has been at the core of the HMI development process at Bertrandt right from the beginning.

From the development of the initial concept right through to series-production support and further development – our services cover the entire process.

HMI development process at Bertrandt

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A user-friendly user interface offers the optimum balance between design and functionality.
We can advise you right from the start:

  • Requirements analysis, e.g. using empathy research or the value proposition canvas
  • Competition research
  • User-centered development of the overall concept
  • Specification of the detailed concept
  • Technical documentation
  • Evaluation
  • Review with stakeholders
  • Validation

A concept status that offers a user experience at an early stage is the basis for your further decisions. With the aid of digital UI prototyping and hardware prototyping, we develop the best user experience capability for each development phase:

Digital prototyping:

  • Simulative representation as the basis for well-founded management decisions
  • Low-fidelity and high-fidelity prototypes
  • Tailored integration of your new HMI into the overall system
  • Flexible tool chain from ProtoPie to Unity, Kanzi, Unreal, and QT …

Hardware prototyping:

  • Individual models that offer a user experience, as partial systems or desktop models through to sectional vehicle bodies that are compatible with a driving simulator or real vehicles
  • Implementation of a functional overall user experience consisting of HMI, ergonomics, and design
  • Customized design of the end product, from a flexible, technology-oriented approach to a design-focused high-gloss demonstrator
  • Technical preparation and support for international user research studies

Do you really know your users? We can find that out for you with our user research and usability studies.

User research:

  • Design, planning, execution, and evaluation of usability studies (qualitative & quantitative)
  • Various settings: desktop models, driving simulators, and real test drives
  • Standardized processes such as lane change, studies on driver distraction (AAM, NHTSA)
  • Complex statistical evaluations
  • Analysis of user behavior with the aid of machine learning / data science
  • Integration of measuring technology (eye tracking, occlusion)
  • Method development (gaze data, driving data, physiological data)

Driving simulation services:

The technical basis for carrying out your studies in the field of usability, controllability, functionality: the way to an individual driving simulator study.

  • Extensive resource and project planning
  • Operation and maintenance of plant and equipment, hardware, software, and IT in the field of driving simulation
  • Targeted test planning, technical preparation, and support
  • Specific design of routes, traffic scenarios, and speed regulators depending on the use case
  • Further development of individual and future-proof hardware and software solutions
  • Construction of driving simulators, coordination and support in the commissioning and approval of driving simulators, transfer to study operations  
  • Operation of mobile driving simulators, also in international studies

Communication through text and language, e.g. for infotainment systems, instrument clusters, apps, and rear seat entertainment. We write and design user-friendly content.

  • Creation of style guides and master texts
  • Text management and control of the translation process for 29 languages to date
  • Validation by our own native speakers for the most common languages
  • Introduction of the “Language Champions” principle
  • Operation of the entire process chain, from clarification of the requirements and initial concepts to integration into the software

From the concept to the finished application: we put your ideas on the target.

  • Implementation of concepts in executable program code
  • Implementation on the target
  • Fast training in the use of specific frameworks and tools (e.g. <Shift/>)
  • Apps for smartphones (Android, iOS) and wearables
  • Use of stacks and in-house developments: flexible stack from ProtoPie, Unity, Kanzi, and Unreal to QT

We support the validation of your software, from initial planning to release recommendations / error analysis.

  • Validation of all modalities
  • Certified testers & test managers, independent course of action throughout the testing process (ISTQB): test planning & control, test analysis & test draft, implementation & execution
  • Manual and automated testing on the test track and in the vehicle
  • Shift operation for the validation of different ambient light levels
  • Development of automated testing processes
  • Support for the error elimination process

Reliable support for the entire process of series-production implementation. We put your HMI into series production.

  • Requirements management
  • HMI specification
  • Vehicle graphics specification
  • Creation of “pixel-perfect” graphics
  • Assumption of project responsibility (e.g. coordination of function and milestone planning, error elimination process)
  • Performance defense
  • Color / contrast comparisons

Our innovative service chain along the entire HMI process accompanies our customers in the automotive and motorcycle sectors - from concept development including design and high-fidelity simulations to series support and further development.

Cooperation with Munich University of Applied Sciences:

Cooperation with TUM Technical University of Munich:

Design expertise and pragmatic engineering solutions. Our cooperation projects with the Department of Design (Industrial Design / Interface) at Munich University of Applied Sciences. Fascinating user interaction.

Academic expertise and pragmatic engineering solutions. Our cooperation projects with the Chair of Ergonomics at TUM Technical University of Munich. Autonomous driving is based on trust.


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