The transition to a new kind of mobility is already in full swing. New drive concepts, connectivity, digitalization, assistance systems, and autonomous driving are already becoming part of our everyday life, and the range of such new technologies will be even greater and more diverse in the future. Products are becoming more technically efficient, while at the same time legislation is obliging manufactures to follow strict guidelines and comply with limit values in order to make their products safe and convenient for the consumer. All of these factors differ from market to market and place high demands on the homologation process.

Our experienced experts advise and support our customers in all areas of homologation throughout the entire product creation process – from planning and support in the development process to the relevant type testing and type approval. 

Planning and Development

Ensuring that laws, standards, and regulations are taken into account in the development process as early as possible saves effort and costs. We always keep an eye on all the requirements that are relevant to our customers, and we put together all the necessary prerequisites for your products at an early stage – whether it is for the domestic market or for international markets. 

By continuously monitoring the regulations in the target markets, we are able to recognize possible changes early on and take them into account immediately in the development process.

With our extensive range of services, we support the entire development process. Together with our development experts, we derive technical measures and solutions to make sure that your products can be approved in all target markets with as little effort as possible. 

Type Testing

Type testing is an important component of the homologation process between development and approval. At Bertrandt, you benefit from our comprehensive range of testing services, from components and systems to the complete vehicle.   

Whatever their drive system – conventional, hybrid, or all-electric – we test your products and provide you with proof of their technical conformity for the specific market.   

At our new Bertrandt Powertrain Solution Center (BPSC), we offer you a comprehensive range of services on our state-of-the-art chassis dynamometer. We provide these services in our capacity as an expert partner and accredited technical service for complete vehicle tests that are relevant to the approval process. At the BPSC, we not only test and validate conventional powertrains with different fuels, we can also carry out tests and validation in the future on alternative powertrain concepts such as hybrid, electric, or hydrogen drive systems according to the very latest legal specifications. The Solution Center focuses on certification, homologation, and Real Driving Emissions tests.

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Type Approval

Whether it is a complete-vehicle approval, a system approval, or an individual approval, we carry out all the necessary steps for type approval to meet the requirements of legislation in the target markets and to provide proof of technical conformity. In addition to data collection and data plausibility checks, this also includes obtaining the necessary certificates and documentation from the authorities. With the help of our qualified experts, you can be sure of a safe and reliable market launch.

In addition, we will be happy to advise you on processes, approval procedures, and market-specific adaptations in order to facilitate your market launch.


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