Prototypes and small-series production of high-voltage batteries

The successful development and validation of high-voltage batteries requires the high-quality and reliable construction of prototypes. Even when validation tests have been completed, a precise and detailed analysis during disassembly can detect weak points at an early stage, thus allowing optimizations to be included in the development process.

Bertrandt will support you in every step of this process – from the initial idea to series production. Our expert team has many years of experience in creating and evaluating customer-specific battery system solutions. 

Our certified high-voltage laboratories provide state-of-the-art measuring and testing equipment for intensive testing and diagnosis of battery cells, modules, and complete energy storage systems.    

Feel free to contact us about your project. Thanks to the modern and scalable use of our assembly and testing facilities, we are able to carry out both small and large projects with the same equipment and on a professional level. From start-ups to OEMs, from a single ‘one-off’ to series production: our highly qualified experts and our close links with other development areas at Bertrandt will ensure that your project will benefit from our interdisciplinary know-how in the field of high-voltage battery production and implementation in accordance with your schedules and your budget.

Overview of our range of services in prototype and small-series production:

Overview of our range of services in prototype and small-series production:


  • From the first prototype to series production
  • Assembly documentation down to every torque value of each individual screw
  • Module assembly and Cell2Pack with laser welding
  • Leak testing using the mass flow method and helium testing with a sniffer probe
  • Near-series electrical end-of-line testing of each battery with EOL testers developed in-house
  • Production of components for battery assembly (housing components, wiring harnesses, power rails, holders, etc.)
  • Special versions:
    • Installation of additional measuring technology
    • Assembly of batteries for nail penetration and thermal propagation
    • Measurement assemblies with fault simulation


  • From complete batteries to individual cells
  • Not OK (NOK) diagnosis, incl. quarantine and transportation
  • Quality testing of batteries (tear down)
  • Benchmarking and characterization of batteries
  • Repairs
  • Pulse Kappa tests
  • GOM/tactile measurements
  • Weld seam analysis