Project Management

Scalable, agile project management

Because of our many years of experience in project and process management in combination with our IPMA standards, we are capable of efficiently monitoring and directing the entire project creation process. We have scalable, agile project management for everything from components and modules to complex overall vehicle development.

Direction of major projects across multiple departments

  • Management of project teams
  • Supervision of operative project management
  • Internal and external reporting system

Management of deadlines, costs and level of maturity

  • Monitoring of key project figures
  • Ample planning and definition of measures to achieve goals
  • Change management
  • Approval tracking
  • Milestone acceptance procedures

Project organization

  • Resource planning
  • Internal tracking of costs and measures
  • Tasks, competences and responsibilities and role assignment in project organization
  • Definition of reporting and escalation systems
  • Performance of project reviews and lessons-learned

Development of methods and processes

  • Qualification according to IPMA
  • Qualification and further training of project members

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Michael Hage

Vice President Operations – Design Solutions

Your Contact

Thomas Klingner

Vice President Operations – Design Solutions