Overall Vehicle Development

From the idea to the start of production!

Throughout the entire product development process – from the architecture and modular system development right to start of production – our experts support and develop integral solutions in the context of the vehicle as a whole.


All from one source, with an eye on the big picture

We work with the automobile development process chain from the first draft design right to the final design implementation. To stay on top of the growing requirements on a vehicle today and into the future, in the concept phase our experts develop together with OEMs the layout for the vehicle as a whole. Taking into account the latest legal requirements, general technical conditions of the specialist departments and the expectations of the design, we develop a coordinated concept model or alternative concepts which can be decided upon by the upper management. Ergonomics studies, active and passive vehicle safety, the latest legal requirements and the validation of the functionality of all relevant components are part of our daily work.

Once the basic features of the design have been approved, the colleagues begin work on the Class A development. Here, mediations between the technology and design departments are more detailed. Our know-how related to perfect surfaces and light gradations while taking all technical factors into account makes us the ideal partner for the design process.

  • Package / pre-development
  • Class A strak production
  • Ergonomics / dimensional concept
  • Design validation
  • Analysis of available space
  • Concept preparation
  • Overall vehicle integration
  • Geometric competitor analyses
  • Virtual vehicle
  • Pre-development and technology

Through experiments (wind tunnel, driving trials) and supporting and supplementary calculations we develop aerodynamic measures (active / passive) for the vehicle as a whole throughout the entire product development process, from the design determination stage to start of production:

  • Project engineering (committee work, process partners, stakeholders, documentation)
  • Development of active / passive aerodynamic measures (circulation and flow-through)
  • Wind tunnel trials (Cx / Cz optimization, series development, homologation input, SBWE, draft phenomena)
  • CFD initialization, analysis and interpretation (Cx / Cz optimization, provision of cooling air mass flows motor / brake / air conditioning, soiling, draft phenomena, forces on component parts)
  • Driving trials (CO contamination in passenger compartment)

For years, air conditioning solutions from Bertrandt have enhanced the wellbeing and safety of drivers and occupants.

New forms of powertrain and modes of autonomous driving are heralding many new requirements on air conditioning. For example, variable sitting positions mean new solutions for air conditioning for the passenger compartment will be necessary in future. With electric vehicles heat energy, too, is not just a byproduct of a combustion engine anymore.

Regardless whether it is a new kind of product or just a “conventional” series – we develop ideas, produce simulations, and test the efficacy of new air conditioning solutions on our testing facilities.

We work together will all the major system suppliers and offer proposals for technical implementation.

Our services in the context of air conditioning:

  • Geometric and functional integration in the thermal management of the overall vehicle
  • Development expertise in every phase:
    • Package / pre-development right to series production
  • Validation on the component and system level accompanying the development process:
    • 1D and 3D flow simulation
    • Hardware validation and testing

From concept determination right to start of production, we develop complete two-wheel vehicles and their parts and components right through the entire product development process:

  • Chassis (main and rear frame, handlebars, footrest system, vehicle kickstands and front and rear suspension systems)
  • Chassis components (springs / shocks, steering damper, brake and clutch fittings, brake and clutch lines, brakes, ABS, sensor systems, wheels / rims and tires)
  • Body (covering parts and mounts, tank and seat)
  • Engine peripheries (air intake system, cooling system, fuel supply, SHED systems and exhaust systems and catalytic converters)
  • Special equipment and accessories
  • Prototype construction / trial vehicles
  • Supplier management / resident and cooperations with tier-1 suppliers

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Vice President Operations – Design Solutions