Lighting Design

New kinds of lighting concepts and innovative lighting scenarios

Innovative lighting scenarios in the interior can generate lighting moods, evoke emotions, and highlight premium materials. Bertrandt develops new kinds of lighting concepts and exploits its extensive experience in the use of state-of-the-art lighting sources and a wide range of lens elements to accomplish this.

  • We develop lighting concepts, offer suggestions for technical implementation, and look after the realization right to the start of series production.
  • Based on mathematical and physical surface and material calculations, we create simulations to visualize the effects of light on different geometric surfaces.
  • Our experts in the electric and electronics area develop the hardware and software to control the passenger compartment lighting and evoke moods with color.

Bertrandt is one of the first development service providers with experience in lighting development. With our extensive portfolio we have been working with OEMs for 20 years in the development and implementation of lighting concepts.

Our services for lighting design:

  • Lighting design, vehicle’s passenger compartment
  • Interior equipment lighting / passenger compartment lighting
  • Ambient light / ambient lighting
  • Lighting simulation / lens calculations / lens design / visualization
  • Lighting scenarios 

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Michael Hage

Vice President Operations – Design Solutions