Bertrandt Data Labeler

Bertrandt Data Labeler

Are you looking for a cloud-based annotation platform? A tool which uses efficient data management to bring data together centrally and one which can continuously learn?

The user-friendly Bertrandt Data Labeler ensures fast and uncomplicated configuration and professional management of your labeling projects. It also offers the possibility of customer-specific scaling. No matter how large or small your workforce is, and whether it is national or with worldwide access, the Bertrandt Data Labeler supports you efficiently and in a user-friendly way.

You can use the Bertrandt Data Labeler with your own neural networks that are optimized for each application case to carry out automated object recognition. As the quantity of data that flows back into the training of your neural networks increases, you constantly increase the quality of your automated annotation functions. Bertrandt can support and advise you in selecting the data sets, as well as in the training, project management, and execution of labeling projects.

Make use of our experience and benefit from:

  • Automated labeling
  • A scalable, cloud-based provisioning concept
  • Data management in the cloud
  • Reduced time requirements and lower costs
  • An efficient user interface
  • User and access management

Would you like your business to be future-oriented?

Bertrandt supports you in increasing the value of your data with the following features for:

  • Automated image annotation through the integration of deep learning networks
  • User-friendly, intuitive graphical user interface for manual annotation
  • Easy access with login via a web browser
  • Professional project management functionalities
    • Central project administration in the tool’s admin area
    • User management and project coordination in the tool
  • Flexible connection to the cloud due to a scalable, cloud-based provisioning concept
    • Do you need a complete annotation platform? We offer you central provisioning in the Bertrandt Azure Cloud
    • We would be happy to make our Bertrandt Data Labeler available on your cloud too
    • Our solution has “any cloud” capability

Additional services

  • Labeling as a service, as required
  • Training your neural networks
  • Data management
  • Training new users

Bildschirme mit GUI des Bertrandt Data Labeler.

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