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    Development services for your charging application

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    Charging by Bertrandt

    Development services for your charging application

  • Charging by Bertrandt

    Development services for your charging application

Efficient and safe charging that is always available is a key component of electric mobility. Whether it is a vehicle, a charging point, a household energy storage system, or the power grid itself: all components must optimally interact in order to create a comprehensive charging infrastructure. 

The ISO15118-20 standard on smart charging has opened the door to several new technologies, such as bidirectional charging (BPT, Bidirectional Power Transfer), wireless charging (WPT, Wireless Power Transfer), or pantograph charging (ACD-P, Automated Connection Device). International standards such as ChaOJi or trend topics such as megawatt charging (MWC) will also initiate further changes to the industry in the near future. These technologies will create usage scenarios that enhance comfort and convenience while significantly improving the customer experience. 

This is precisely where Bertrandt comes into play as a company and a partner. In our role as an engineering service provider, we consider charging from a holistic perspective. Due to our many years of expertise as a development partner for major automotive and industrial customers, we take a cross-domain approach to charging. As one of the largest engineering service providers, we are involved in development activities throughout Europe, and we also have extensive testing resources at our disposal. This enables us to carry out the entire development and validation process.  

Our services cover all sub-areas, from use cases, function and system development, validation, and interoperability tests, right through to after-sales support. From small-scale production to large-scale projects: we provide the system competence that our customers will benefit from.  

Complexity of the interoperability between the vehicle and the charging point


Developments and services in the charging system

For many years now, Bertrandt has been a reliable and innovative partner for leading OEMs, providing function and system development for high-voltage charging functions in the complete vehicle. Electric mobility is our passion, and we carefully design each development step along the product creation process: from the very first use case diagram to the fault-free functional maturity of the product.

We provide validation services for a wide range of standard and innovative charging points from various manufacturers – for a multitude of markets and application scenarios in the areas of domestic and public charging. For example, we can create complete charging networks for home charging or public charging stations. 

More than a guiding principle: from the component to the system level, our development services are complemented by a holistic evaluation and analysis of the performance and interaction of different systems. This enables us, for example, to identify incompatibilities at an early stage, ensuring that they can be quickly resolved in the subsequent development process.  

Bertrandt operates two large testing centers in the north and south of Germany for the validation of components and vehicles under all kinds of climatic conditions. In order to carry out development projects in the field of charging, Bertrandt also operates a new charging hub that is specially designed to meet the requirements of state-of-the-art charging systems. Its focus is on providing a single location for implementing development projects with an international orientation based on current charging standards. We offer both vehicle testing and the validation of the charging infrastructure (HEMS, V2G, etc.) from a single source. This saves transportation and travel costs for our customers and significantly increases the availability of prototype systems.   

The "eMotion" initiative at Bertrandt

At Bertrandt, all our services and activities in the field of charging are centrally organized as part of the “eMotion” initiative. Through an interdisciplinary exchange of ideas and experience, as well as cooperation across all our sites, we can provide our customers with individual contact partners for their specific needs – thus ensuring consistently high-quality advice and implementation.    

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