Showcase projects of automotive technology and solution competence made by Bertrandt

Hello, I am HARRI


With regard to the mega-trends of


they have joined forces to implement their visionary mobility concepts – on the basis of a domain / system structure and with all of the associated interfaces and functions. That’s how they created me. As an innovation platform for solutions relating to all aspects of automated, connected, and electric driving.

My parents are ambitious. They created me as living proof of their competence and innovative power, while at the same time showing how the technical merging of all their solutions works on a platform. 

They have made me a genuine multi-talent. I can recharge myself at any charging station. I am able to see and hear and I am so good at finding my way around that I can drive autonomously.


Hello, I am SALLI


Like my brother HARRI, I am an innovation platform for the trend topics of tomorrow and am to be found in the air instead of on the road. Urban Air Mobility is an area of development that has been growing steadily for years, with numerous possible applications ranging from remote maintenance to transportation and passenger transport.

That's why my parents gave me the ability to accurately sense my surroundings, plus a smart mind to fly to destinations, complete tasks and make decisions on my own.

Since I am also connected with the outside world, I can communicate with my brother HARRI and other road users and warn them of obstacles they can't even see yet. In addition, my parents gave me gripper arms so that I can transport objects autonomously and without emissions to places where there is no road.

If I ever get tired, I can fly autonomously to charging stations to charge and be ready for the next job.  I'm the perfect addition to my brother HARRI.