Talent management

Talent management at Bertrandt

Here at Bertrandt, a big role is also assigned to talent management. Because we are sure that our employees, with their individual abilities and creativity, are what is responsible for the success of our company. That is why we recognise and support talent in a targeted way. New cultural ideas lead to a yet further differentiated determination and consideration of potential talents.

At Bertrandt, this refers to people with potential in all the career paths we offer, such as the specialist, project, sales and management paths. The potential and possible career development paths of all employees are discussed at regular intervals, and the talents identified further developed to prepare them for future tasks. In this way, over the long term, consciousness of the talent present in the company is raised on the management and HR levels.

Thus at all times, it is possible to gain an up-to-date and transparent overview of the talents present in the company. In this way, our employees are given the best possible chances for promotion, while key functional roles can be refilled at short notice as needed across departments and subsidiaries. 

Teamleiterin im Bereich Versuch bei Bertrandt

Of course, you have to show you're willing, but after that, you've got a lot of opportunities to put your ideas into practice and to help shape and drive forward new topics. This works amazingly well here across all locations and offices, despite the size of the company.

Sabine Dittrich, Team Leader in Testing - Environmental Simulation and Vehicle Safety​