Our managerial development programme

Developing into a leader

Of course, now and then highly qualified employees are integrated into Bertrandt from other companies. But, ideally, our new managers will rise from our own ranks and will already have a deep knowledge of, for example, our processes and networks. Using sound diagnostic procedures to discover suitability, we determine how qualified young next-generation managers are for the various career paths at Bertrandt, on a specific and needs-oriented basis.

Our structure allows further development based on talent and preference (specialist, project, sales or managerial career paths). To this end, and taking account of the strengths of the individual in question, recommendations for action are generated that should ideally be used as guidelines by all employees to support the best possible development of their abilities at Bertrandt.

Support on the path towards leadership

You will be constantly supported and encouraged on the way towards, and within, your specialist or disciplinary management role. An extensive range of training sessions will smooth the path towards a new managerial quality and culture.

A central aspect of our managerial development programme is the extension of your network. We will bring you together with other managers to share experiences, learn from and with each other and gain new perspectives. Through regular feedback sessions you can reflect continuously on your effectiveness. 


When I became a team leader, I was still pretty wet behind the ears after just three years' work experience, but my line manager at that time had a lot of faith in me and quickly threw me in at the deep end. What could be better than learning by doing? And being able to gain qualifications in parallel at the same time also helped of course.

David Maisenbacher, Team Leader Light and Vision