Feedback at Bertrandt

Our employee survey

Nobody knows the company, its strengths and weaknesses, better than the employees. That is why, every two years, our employees are surveyed as part of b.asked to get a comprehensive picture of their opinions and thus derive change or optimisation measures. The survey encompasses topics regarding the company and the tasks and activities of its employees. In addition, the behaviour of management, the sense of team cohesion, communication, individual opportunities for career development and the future orientation of the company are scrutinised.

The goal is to allow the employees to participate in decision-making and achieve an open discourse, thus establishing a broad-based feedback culture. b.asked is a great opportunity to improve the relationship between managers and employees and move the company forward. And if the large-scale survey fails to bring in enough new findings in individual cases, there are also special surveys on smaller subject areas.

Business coaching

o gain new perspectives and points of view, it is sometimes necessary to take a different position. In the work environment this is not always easy, as a standpoint can only rarely be viewed independently of the context. As context always plays an essential role, it is helpful to be able to work on certain personal concerns outside the ordinary limits and to gain, in this way, new perspectives on a (potentially problematic) situation.

This is why we offer everyone opportunities for individual coaching. Our internal coaches are DBVC/DFC certified, undergo regular supervision and peer consulting processes and of course are always learning more themselves.  

Teamleiter im Bereich Klimatisierung / Kraftstoff bei Bertrandt

Although I did take care of my own development myself, too, my then team leader had the same ideas as me when we drew up my personal development plan.

Alexander Huth, Team Leader Climatic and Fuel Systems