Dissertation work

The ideal combination of theory and practice:

Completing your dissertation at Bertrandt.

Are you right now on the home stretch of your course of study? Why not crown your successes so far with a dissertation showing off your mature, specialised learning, in which we will support you with our own knowledge and offers of practical work? Not only can you decide on a topic in close cooperation with your supervisor, but they will also be in direct contact, offering you their help during the entire process of writing.

The topic could be chosen from any area of the Bertrandt group – whether with a technical background, in IT, automotive, aeronautics, medicine or energy, or in commercial sectors like business administration, sales, personnel management, marketing.

From the very start, your knowledge will be valued, developed and put into practice by us.
Especially in the trending areas of digitalisation, autonomous driving, networking and e-mobility we will be very glad of your innovative suggestions and scientific curiosity. 


Even after just a few weeks in the company, I can say that my internship is great fun and is helping me get on.

Jeremias Döffinger, Electromobility Intern

The path towards a more extensive collaboration.

A further reason to write your dissertation at Bertrandt is that you will make your first contacts in the industry here. We will get to know you; you will get to know Bertrandt. In this way, dissertation writing often smooths the path towards a longer collaboration and allows you to enter the firm. Many successful careers at Bertrandt have started with diploma, bachelor's or master’s dissertations, which build the perfect bridge between theory at university and practical projects in professional life.

Everything is tailor-made for you:

  • The length of time spent here will be adjusted to the specifications of your examination requirements and the subject you determine.
  • We advertise some positions for dissertations in our job search. You can find these approx. three months before your preferred start date. However, many positions are allocated “on request” – i.e., you apply speculatively, giving the location you want to work in and the preferred subject area, then we check to see if your plan can be carried out in the individual departments.