Take an internship and show what theory is worth.

It is always a great experience, during a long course of training, to get the chance to show in practice what you have learnt in theory. Bertrandt welcomes all those who want to put into practice the theories learnt in their engineering, IT or business administration courses and to gain hands-on experience at a company that is active on the international level. You will be able to apply in exciting projects all that knowledge you have learnt from lectures, seminars and books. Here you can check to see if the path you have chosen is the right one. 

An international concern offering many possibilities.

The Bertrandt group will offer you, as a rule, three- to six-month internships in the technological or commercial fields, which of course are paid. From calculation/simulation and infotainment through interior development to finances and personnel management – the choice of areas of deployment is as varied as your opportunities. 


What you should bring with you:

  • Study regulations (for a pre-study internship or basic internship, for the intended course)
  • Proof of matriculation 
  • Time: from three to six months


What we offer:

  • Suitable remuneration depending on the type of internship and chosen field.
  • The possibility of doing not just technical but also commercial pre-study internships. For a technical pre-study internship, however, only our Munich and Ingolstadt subsidiaries are available, as they are the only ones that offer the right conditions.
  • Most internships are advertised at German subsidiaries, but occasional positions also come up abroad. 
  • You can find the advertised positions approx. two to three months before the start date of the internship in our job search. If no suitable position is available, you are always welcome to make a speculative application. In doing so, please note down the location, duration and the field you are interested in.
Praktikantin im Personalbereich

We're a really strong team here, with a good atmosphere and great team spirit. And even as a newbie, I was quickly made part of the team and I feel as though I've always been part of it.

Carolin Weissert, Personnel Management Intern

The best thing would be to apply straight away.

If you apply directly, you will benefit from valuable knowledge exchange from your colleagues and from the practical experience you will gather. 
On top of this, you will be able to prepare for the start of your future career today. Because if your performance is good enough during the internship, we will be very happy to talk to you about making plans for the future at Bertrandt. 
So what are you waiting for? We look forward to your application.