Specialized waste management facility: for the secure disposal of vehicle prototypes

Endurance test vehicles or prototypes and their components require special security measures to protect them – also during their waste disposal process. For that reason, a specialized and experienced team at Bertrandt takes care of this at three sites in Germany. Whether it involves recovering used parts or the complete destruction of the vehicles, our employees dispose of motorcycles, cars, and light commercial vehicles of every powertrain category in a conscientious and professional manner.

Professional disassembly of vehicles and HV batteries

Our team of electricians, high-voltage specialists, security officers, and specialists for explosives and waste management can completely dismantle the vehicles. Components are removed either for recycling or for second-life applications and are returned to the customer along with all the documentation photographs, or they are disposed of in compliance with the German Federal Immission Control Act (BImSchG), including documents to confirm their disposal. We have all the necessary environmental certificates for this purpose. On request, our team can provide support with their extensive knowledge of regulations such as the End-of-Life Vehicle Ordinance (AltFahrzeugV) and the Ordinance on Specialized Waste Management Companies (EfbV).

Capacity for the disassembly of complete vehicle fleets

As a specialized waste management facility with a large team of experts and extensive infrastructure at our Bertrandt sites, we can dispose of or completely destroy even large numbers of vehicles or entire vehicle fleets. It goes without saying that this takes place in a specially secure environment that is designed for handling prototypes.

Overview of all our services

  • Proper and professional disposal of vehicles and vehicle components (BlmSchG)
  • Professional dismantling / recycling of series-production components
  • Creation of disposal declarations and recycling documents
  • Secure destruction of prototype parts and vehicles
  • Disassembly of high-voltage batteries on the module level
  • Processing of passenger cars and commercial vehicles with all powertrain variants

Your Contact

Ralf Domogalla

Vice President Operations – Vehicle & Prototype Services