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    Vehicle electrics and cable harness production for special vehicles

  • Vehicle electrics and cable harness production for special vehicles

  • Vehicle electrics and cable harness production for special vehicles

Whether it is for retrofitting, conversions, or special models, Bertrandt is an experienced service provider for all of the vehicle electrical systems required for these purposes. We not only develop and manufacture the necessary wiring and cable harnesses, we also take care of vehicle commissioning. At Bertrandt, ‘everything from a single source’ means that, by means of expert manufacturing, we can implement any kind of special request flexibly and competently and with the entire development group behind us. We are prepared for any challenge – from individual solutions to small series production.

To ensure that we can act quickly and with a high level of quality, our experienced team can rely on a broad range of machines and processes. With the aim of providing the optimum, individual solutions, we maintain a close, constructive exchange with our customers. These come mainly from the automotive industry, but also from all sectors of industry and aerospace.

Production of wiring and cable harnesses

We can provide all of the wiring needed for special vehicle construction and high-voltage batteries. In addition to official agency vehicles, we also equip trade fair vehicles and vehicle prototypes with special wiring and cable harnesses. Every year, we install at least 2,000 wiring harnesses into vehicles and for connection to high-voltage batteries. By using state-of-the-art production and monitoring technology, such as ultrasonic welding and automatic crimping machines, we ensure the highest quality even during the production process itself.  

Vehicle commissioning

Our experienced team of electronics experts carries out all of the testing required throughout the entire development and production process for special vehicles: from automated on-board power system testing and early and dynamic commissioning right through to final testing and commissioning. We test the cable harnesses, simulate the vehicle’s functionalities, and carry out validation of all functionalities.

1. Cable manufacturing

  • Low-voltage cables
  • High-voltage cables
  • Measuring cables
  • Adapter cables

2. Manufacturing of special cables according to individual customer requirements, e. g. for

  • Cable harnesses (main focus on vehicle electrics / prototype construction and special vehicles)  
  • High-voltage battery manufacturing
  • Special vehicle construction
  • Series production / small series
  • Vehicle prototypes
  • Trade fair vehicles
  • Special vehicle construction / official agency vehicles (= link to landing page)

2. Manufacturing of specific items, e. g.

  • Measuring adapters
  • Measuring boxes
  • Breakout boxes

We guarantee the best possible quality by using, for example

  • Ultrasonic welding
  • Pull test and insulation measurement
  • Freely programmable test bench for cable harness modules
  • Automatic crimping machines with a monitoring function

Testing is carried out using

  • Insulation measurements up to 10 kV
  • Tensile testing
  • Creation of microsections
  • Generation of test reports

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Ralf Domogalla

Vice President Operations – Vehicle & Prototype Services