Installation and dismantling of measuring equipment in the complete vehicle

The installation of vehicle measuring equipment for prototype testing is carried out in our vehicle workshops. During this process, our service team is able to integrate all measuring technology solutions into all parts of the vehicle and can provide all services from a single source, from the measuring concept to data evaluation and final dismantling – in a flexible, customer-focused, and efficient manner.

DAkkS-calibrated measuring equipment for maximum measurement reliability

To ensure the most precise measurement results, we install the sensors with our DAkkS-calibrated measuring equipment. The vehicle measuring equipment includes sensors for measuring temperature, flow rate, pressure, speed, force, displacement, bending, voltage, solar radiation, and acceleration. Measurements in the high-voltage range are carried out using our own hardware with various sensor systems.

Technical equipment and catalogue of services

  • Measurements in the high-voltage range (electric drive systems) up to 1,000 V and up to 1 MHz
  • Definition of measuring equipment, provision of our own hardware, data processing and evaluation
  • Application of strain gauges
  • Creation of measuring boxes
  • Development and manufacturing of our own measuring adapters (e. g. for the high-voltage range)
  • Maintenance and construction of measuring cases for driver assistance systems / vehicle luggage compartment
  • Integration of measuring equipment (sensor systems) in the vehicle and on components
  • Commissioning of and support for measuring equipment before and during the measuring process
  • Carrying out the measurements
  • Organization and provision of data loggers and sensor systems
  • Support for and handling of test equipment (ADAS, PEMS, etc.)
  • Processing and validation of measured data

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Ralf Domogalla

Vice President Operations – Vehicle & Prototype Services