Parts management / logistics as a development-supporting service

The logistics of components for the construction and conversion of vehicles and prototypes can be highly demanding and complex. In such cases, our Bertrandt logistics team is ready to take on complete responsibility for your logistics management, from procurement of the parts to the delivery of finished vehicles. We can provide our logistics services at our own or our customers’ facilities, or within the framework of operator models.

Specialist know-how in handling prototypes and pre-series vehicles

We specialize in dealing with pre-series vehicles and prototypes and routinely take all the necessary logistical precautions, for example ensuring the secure transportation of prototype vehicles and concealment of the vehicles during loading and unloading or providing special security systems. In addition, our team is prepared for all challenges, such as the storage of high-voltage batteries and hazardous materials or the transportation of hazardous goods. These and other special topics are taken care of by our specially trained experts as well as our officers for customs clearance and hazardous goods, etc.

From the establishment and management of logistics centers to series-production logistics

With our own fleet of vehicles and our warehouse management system (including customer interfaces), we are an experienced logistics partner for the automotive industry. Our Project Management unit can already support you during the planning phase and can take responsibility for designing the optimum warehouse logistics system. If required, we can use our own warehouse management system, including efficient interface management. In addition, our experts can also support you in selecting the best inventory management system, or we can also (co-)develop and operate an IMS for you.

(Parts) logistics in an operator model

In an operator model, we carry out a wide range of logistics activities for our customers. One example is managing the seasonal wheel-change logistics for summer and winter wheels for a major car maker. When we joined the project, we took responsibility for designing, planning, and procuring all the infrastructure in the shortest possible time. Our logistics management team took care of all the necessary consultation with authorities, established a warehouse management system, and created the entire process landscape. We are currently also responsible for carrying out the project, which means providing seasonal wheel changes for hundreds of vehicles a day. 

  • Pre-series and test part logistics
  • Delivery of series-production parts for small series (JiT)
  • Wheels and tires logistics
  • Transportation logistics
  • Incoming and outgoing goods management
  • Packaging
  • Storage, including hazardous goods and high-voltage batteries (in accordance with legal requirements)
  • Order picking
  • Hazardous goods handling / transportation
  • Transportation planning and execution
  • Customs clearance
  • Purchased parts logistics

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Ralf Domogalla

Vice President Operations – Vehicle & Prototype Services