20.08.2020 | press release

Sensor Performance for Safe Autonomous Mobility

Bertrandt validates sensor functions

Ehningen, 20. August 2020 – The aspect of safety plays an absolutely crucial role in autonomous systems. It also results in a significant increase in the requirements to be met by the vehicle’s sensors. Bertrandt validates the optimum performance of the sensors in autonomous vehicles by performing innovative test procedures in extreme situations such as rain or fog. The company is now also applying its technological expertise and experience to the field of autonomous flight systems such as drones.

Lidar sensors are the key technology for the future of mobility. The main function of lidar sensors is to measure the distance between themselves and other objects in their field of view. In the automotive industry, this technology is of fundamental importance for autonomous driving and the safety involved – especially in extreme weather situations. What is more, lidar sensors also play a key role in the field of autonomous flight systems, and their use is continuously increasing. “There has generally been a significant increase in the requirements placed on lidar, radar, and camera technologies due to their safety relevance for autonomous systems. Drones are being used more and more frequently in a wide variety of areas, such as logistics or maintenance. We use our expertise and experience in the field of autonomous vehicles and apply it to drones and other autonomous flight systems as well,” said Dr. Kolja C. Moreth, Senior Account Manager at Bertrandt.

The safety requirements include, among other things, a high sensor resolution and compliance with safety standards, as well as the possibility of industrialization to reduce costs. Bertrandt has state-of-the-art testing facilities in this field. This enables us to test the sensors in accordance with the latest standards and the respective legal requirements in selected extreme situations such as rain or fog. The test results can then be used to carry out in-depth analyses that can form the basis for the further development of the different systems.

With its own innovation platform called HARRI, Bertrandt has already been able to position itself as one of the leading experts in both the development and execution of sensor and ADAS testing. HARRI showcases the combined application of the current trends of digitalization, autonomous driving, connectivity, and electric mobility in a vehicle. In addition, this innovation platform demonstrates the Group’s technical competence along the entire value chain of both current and future mobility concepts.

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