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Bertrandt now provides radar validation in the testing laboratory

Broad range of services with validated testing processes for customers worldwide

Ehningen, 10. February 2022 – Bertrandt AG is adding to its previous testing concepts and methods in the validation of radar sensors. With the introduction of new radar testing facilities, the technology specialist is further expanding its testing expertise in the field of ADAS / AD.

Autonomous driving is making innovative testing concepts for sensor technologies necessary. Sensors and their related systems are usually tested during real test drives that cover several millions of kilometers. However, these do not provide a reproducible, controlled environment. With its newly developed radar testing facilities and the corresponding testing method, Bertrandt is now enabling its customers to carry out radar measurements and verifications in the testing laboratory before the sensors are tested in the vehicle. The benefits are lower costs and less time required for test drives. The development service provider can now offer its customers various radar measurements and validated testing processes for components and complete vehicles.   

Bertrandt applies its expertise in testing individual components, integrated systems, and the interaction between all systems during highly automated driving (Level 3). Two new, anechoic rooms (11 x 3 m each) are equipped with precise positioning systems that can be moved linearly for highly accurate sensor characterization in azimuth and elevation. With the aid of calibrated radar target simulators, two adjustable radar echoes (two simulated objects) can be generated at distances of between 2.5 and 300 m at any speed and with a wide range of amplitudes (object size such as pedestrians or trucks). The equipment is optimized for frequencies of 77 to 81 GHz and an analysis bandwidth of up to 4 GHz. The modular testing concept also makes it possible to flexibly test sensors from -40 to +85 °C in line with the test regulations (ETSI EN 30x xxx ; LV124).

International customers will find in Bertrandt an experienced validation partner for the development and validation of radar-based driving functions. The range of services includes the creation of specifications, radar characterization and signal analysis (OBW, OOB, peak, etc.), radome tests, sensor performance evaluation (various KPIs) and hardware release tests (environmental simulation / robustness), as well as the reproduction of driving scenarios and radar integration testing (chassis, bumper/rear, radome). The high quality of the validation services is ensured by state-of-the-art testing facilities and a high level of automation for tests and measured data evaluation.  

“As ADAS experts, we support our customers on their way from Level 1 to Level 5 – and therefore also with regard to radar-based driving functions,” says Christian Ruland, Head of aMotion, the Bertrandt Group’s strategic initiative for autonomous mobility. “We are pleased that our new testing concept is now taking radar validation from the road and into the laboratory – thus achieving significantly higher efficiency.”

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Bertrandt testing laboratory for radar validation

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