Why join Bertrandt?

"Willkommen bei Bertrandt"

There are many good reasons for working for Bertrandt. The most important of these is that we know how to get the very best from you and your expertise.

As a leading provider of engineering and IT services with more than 12,700 employees, we work on exciting projects worldwide on behalf of our customers and use the expertise of external partners.

From mobility to IT and medical technology

No matter how individual people are, there are megatrends that concern us all: digitalization, for example, or the major challenges in the area of mobility, such as autonomous driving and environmentally friendly drive systems. There is also the IT sector, which is currently undergoing a similar upheaval to medical technology. In these areas, Bertrandt works together with experienced partners throughout the world.  



Optimum order processing conditions

Bertrandt ensures that orders are processed efficiently. You benefit from the professional workflows of a renowned development specialist. Continuous utilization of capacity, fair contracts, and reliable payment are a matter of course at Bertrandt.


Compliance and administration

The design of flexible forms of working set out in employment and works contracts and in compliance with all regulations are of great importance for service providers and customers in engineering and information technology in order to minimize entrepreneurial risks. Project-related compliance checks during the commissioning of projects and continuous project monitoring ensure the smooth execution of projects.  

In order to optimize the conditions and the process of the cooperation, you will be listed as a qualified partner at Bertrandt after signing a framework agreement. Orders will then be placed on the basis of individual project contracts in the form of a service or works contract or on the basis of service level agreements (SLA). Bertrandt takes responsibility for the complete administration process, thus enabling you to concentrate entirely on the project itself.