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Are you a freelancer in the field of engineering or IT? As a leading development specialist, we are expanding our network with a particular focus on technology consultants for technical projects. Take this opportunity to broaden your professional horizons with challenging projects in our industrial sectors and key subject areas and benefit from the high profile of the Bertrandt Group, also outside the automotive industry. Bertrandt Technology Consulting is much more than a provider of experts for various customer projects. Our aim is to be the technology leaders in various fields of competence in an agile market environment. To achieve this, we rely on the many years of experience of the entire Bertrandt Group as development service providers.



As a registered Bertrandt Technology Consultant Engineering, you will work in the fields of aerospace, the electrical industry, smart industry, medical technology, and energy. In addition, we can apply your expertise in the trend topics of our Electronics, Product Engineering, Physical, and Production and After Sales divisions – including the Bertrandt Group’s own development projects.


IT services & solutions

In the field of Software Solutions, we not only address the megatrends of digitalization, autonomous systems, connectivity, and electric mobility, as well as developments relating to Industry 4.0, the smart grid, or the Internet of Things (IoT), we also offer IT projects in non-industrial sectors. As a registered Bertrandt Technology Consultant IT, you will be involved, for example, in creating specifications, in agile software development using the Scrum framework, in migration, or in test management.      



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