Your strong development partner for all aspects of automotive lighting.

As a long-standing partner for leading companies in the automotive industry, we can offer you the complete range of services from a single source. Our comprehensive knowledge of the system worlds of all major OEMs enables us to drive innovative lighting developments forward and to validate them successfully. Our range of components covers every single part of the exterior and interior of a vehicle. 

What sets us apart is the exceptional depth of our development processes.

With innovative concepts, we develop cost-optimized solutions for all common components of vehicle lighting systems. Our expertise covers the entire development process, from the initial design sketch to series-production readiness.

Our lighting development process is characterized in particular by our competence in optics calculation and international approval law.

We validate your projects.

Our far-reaching possibilities in the field of testing and validation enable us to validate even the most innovative lighting systems.

We cover all common use cases, from the testing of individual components to complete vehicle testing.  

Our experts in prototype construction turn your ideas into reality.

Close cooperation between Development and Prototype Services ensures that we achieve the optimum results. By applying state-of-the-art rapid prototyping and rapid tooling technologies, we implement innovative concepts in the shortest possible time.

Range of exterior and interior components

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Our range of services in detail:

Advanced styling development in close cooperation and regular meetings with our customers’ styling departments

  • 2D sketches
  • Colouring
  • Fast 3D concepts
  • Class A surfacing
  • Visualization
  • Symbols
  • Lettering and emblems

  • Dimensional concepts
  • Feasibility analyses
  • Conceptual design studies
  • Verification of legal requirements (ECE, SAE, CCC)
  • Packaging
  • Dimensional management
  • CAD modelling acc. to production and manufacturing requirements
  • Drawings
  • Bill of material definition
  • Data management

Optical Simulation

  • Creation and calculation of optical surfaces
    • Lens systems
    • Reflector systems
    • Optical lightguides
    • Edgelights
    • Backlighting
    • Stray light rejection bezels
  • Design according to international legal requirements (ECE, SAE, CCC)
  • Application of a wide spectrum of materials and optical surfaces
  • Realistic renderings and luminance images
    • Cold and warm design
    • Evaluation of homogeneity
    • Reflection analysis

Thermal simulation

  • Light sources and electronic components
  • Temperature and humidity distribution

Mechanical simulation

  • Strength and stiffness calculation
  • Dynamic forces and vibration
  • Crash analyses

Hardware development

  • Requirements management
  • Hardware specification and consulting
  • System design and hardware architecture
  • Circuit design
  • Circuit diagrams and EMC-friendly layout
  • Prototype development and design
  • Power electronics
  • Impedance analysis
  • System implementation and integration
  • Production start-up phase

Software development

  • Requirements management
  • Development of software architectures
  • Model-based software development
  • Development of computer applications
  • SPICE level 2
  • Series support
  • EOL test concepts
  • AUTOSAR compliant software design and development

Photometrical testing

  • Measurement of luminance and spectral distribution
  • Measurement of illuminance
  • Measurement of luminous intensity

Photometrical equipment

  • Lighting laboratory accessible for cars
  • Luminance and colorimetric camera
  • Spectrometer
  • Illuminance meter
  • Goniophotometer with 25m light measuring distance
  • Double monochromator
  • Integrating sphere

Environmental tests

  • Climate and temperature tests
  • Sunlight / radiation
  • Corrosion
  • IP code testing
  • Vibration tests

Functional tests

  • Functional endurance tests
  • Electrical tests according to LV 124
  • Electromagnetic compatibility

Vehicle tests

  • Heat cycle
  • Condensation tests

Rapid Prototyping

  • Demonstrators (table-top models)
  • Prototype and small series lamps
  • Light applications for racecars
  • Rapid prototyping solutions
    • SLS
    • SLA
    • 3D printing
    • Milled parts
    • PU parts
    • High-end finishing

Rapid Tooling

  • Aluminum
  • Steel
  • Up to 3-component injection molding

  • Coordination of all activities in the development process
  • Monitoring of milestones with regard to technology, quality, and costs
  • Supplier tracking
  • Interface support
  • Application of OEM tools
  • Project change management
  • Release recommendations

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David Maisenbacher

Head of Center of Competence Lighting

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