Agricultural Machinery

Development Services for Agricultural Machinery.

Bertrandt provides development services for a broad range of agricultural machines, such as tractors, remote-controlled electric vehicles, combine harvesters, forestry machines and implements for agricultural machinery, even including machines for lawn and landscape management. Our strength is that we are not limited to individual components; our expertise covers the entire range of agricultural machinery.

Bertrandt supports agricultural machinery manufacturers by providing a broad range of services. We are very experienced in the fields of mechanical design and have many experts who are familiar with the requirements of package studies and on-board power system and electronics development for agricultural systems. The Bertrandt Group is one of the leading development partners for the very latest topics, including electric mobility, autonomous vehicles and digitisation.

Bertrandt is an experienced development partner for mechanical design. We support the development process from the initial concept phase and the product development process right through to start of production. We subsequently provide support for the product improvement process, even including a product redesign. We also assume responsibility for complete studies with analyses and test series.

We are experienced in metal and plastic component design. Our engineers in the Group also have complex know-how in lightweight design materials such as aluminium, magnesium, high-strength and complex steels, thermoplastics and natural and carbon fibre reinforced plastics (CFRP).

Agricultural machines are becoming increasingly complex and the number of variants is constantly rising. As a result, methods for optimising the package are becoming more and more important in order to optimally locate the components in the available installation space and to avoid space limitations at an early stage. For this purpose, we not only create technology demonstrators for testing directly on the vehicle but also fully virtual simulations. Using virtual reality and augmented reality methods, we carry out virtual studies and products for the agricultural sector that are still at a very early stage of development.

Typical fields of application are the development of front loader and fork variants for tractors, studies of axle combinations, transmission variants, tyres, and tank or cab variants for agricultural machines.

Our services include the design and development of media-carrying lines for hydraulics, water, fuel and other liquid media. We pay attention not only to sturdy construction and the use of improved materials, but also to the optimum routing of the lines.

Agricultural vehicles are using more and more electronics, sensors and actuators – with increased performance and power requirements in a smaller space. This makes developing the on-board power system and planning and routing the cables extremely challenging. We develop the wiring system architecture with circuit diagrams, develop 3D models for the optimum routing of the wiring harness in the available installation space, determine the cable outlets and supply the design specifications for production.

The development of wiring harnesses also includes assembly studies and validation tests. We prepare the production processes and take responsibility for coordinating with suppliers.

Bertrandt is one of the leading development service providers for electronics and electrical engineering. We have comprehensive know-how in electronics development, automation, software development, mechatronics and design services, including all issues relating to testing and validation. We support manufacturers in the automotive industry, mechanical and plant engineering, and commercial vehicle and agricultural technology.

We supply individual components such as electronic assemblies, ECUs and camera systems, right through to complete solutions, including mechatronics and validation of the complete product in compliance with the standards.

Bertrandt has many years of experience in testing and validation. We specify testing scenarios and perform electrical, mechanical, physical and acoustic tests as well as tests for robustness and reliability. We can make use of comprehensive process knowledge and expertise – from electronics to mechatronics design.

Typical applications are rim tests or cyclic climate chamber tests for plastic components. We take care of the organisation and coordination of the tests and take responsibility for setting up and performing the tests.

  • Development of drones: Development and design services, for example to connect spraying units to drones to enable fields to be sprayed from the air.
  • Automation components: Development of components for the automated control of seeding equipment.
  • Remote-controlled electrically powered vehicles: Development of the chassis, frame, hood and structure of the electric components.
  • Hydraulic adjustment of implements: Development of top links and hydraulic cylinders for the sensor-controlled hydraulic adjustment of implements.
  • Tractor development: Services such as mechanical design and package studies right through to testing and validation for the development of tractors.
  • Development of a driverless transport vehicle: Development of an autonomous commercial vehicle for driverless container transport in port areas.


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