Testing and certification

Certification and qualification services

The final stage in the product creation chain for aircraft parts is certification and the accompanying qualification tests. As a fully responsible development partner, Bertrandt also supports its customers in carrying out these important stages.

From creating the QTP (test specification), determining the requirements, developing and creating test stands and carrying out tests all the way to finally creating the QTR (test report), we take on every task required to ensure the components comply with the required quality and safety standards.

Numerous environmental chambers, shakers, actuators and pieces of measuring equipment are included in Bertrandt’s portfolio and can be called on flexibly. Bertrandt’s long years of experience in aerospace engineering are an additional benefit. The laboratory is certified for tests to RTCA/DO-160 (MIL-STD-810) (Airbus Testing Qualification), and accredited to DIN 17 025.

Tests to RTCA/DO-160

  • Section 4: Temperature
  • Section 5: Temperature Variation
  • Section 6: Humidity
  • Section 7: Operational Shock, Crash Safety
  • Section 8: Vibration, Windmilling
  • Section 10: Waterproofness
  • Section 11: Fluids Susceptibility
  • Section 13: Fungus Resistance
  • Section 14: Salt Fog
  • Section 24: Icing
  • Static/Ultimate Load
  • Dynamic Load/Sled Test
  • Robustness/Stress Test
  • Airflow
  • Acoustics

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