Structural Design

Specialising in lightweight structural development

In matters relating to primary structures such as fuselage shells, wings and fins, Bertrandt, with its teams of specialists in metal and fibre composite technologies, is a recognised partner. We successfully deploy our long years of specialisation in lightweight construction with fibre composite materials in the development of structural elements for aircraft. Through the targeted extension of expertise in constructing, analysing and manufacturing fibre composite systems, Bertrandt generates added value along the entire product creation chain. Today, this competence is felt in training sessions on the entire lightweight construction process.

  • Development of primary and secondary structures: fuselage sections, fins, wings and system supports
  • Concept development and detailed design
  • Creation of construction documents and production-ready preparation
  • Optimisation of fibre composite systems
  • Optimisation of metal structures
  • Evaluation (fibre composite and metal)
  • Interface management for the creation of standard repair manuals (SRM)
  • Training in the fields of: Design of fibre composites, CF-oriented construction, CAD construction

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Robert Brenzinger

Head of Department