Software and Digitalisation

On the path towards unbroken digital process chains

Bertrandt has the experience and supplies the tools of the trade for driving forward digitalisation and creating unbroken digital process chains. To this end, we create the infrastructure for digital, cross-location and transparent collaboration between aircraft manufacturers and suppliers.

Through digitalisation, traditional desktop applications are increasingly being replaced by mobile apps and web services. The data are centrally deposited in databases and made available via interfaces. For large data volumes (big data) we establish non-relational NoSQL databases, make the data usable and supply solutions for evaluation. In this way, we improve the efficiency and eliminate problems with different states of software and documentation.

Through methods like model-based system development (MBSD), engineering processes are accelerated, development stages automated (CAD automation) and compliance improved. We supply the tools to automate product documentation and program the algorithms that check their consistency.

We also support our customers in transferring to digital processes through training and support. We recommend change processes to achieve the highest possible level of acceptance.

Service portfolio for digitalisation and software development

  • Software development:
    • Desktop applications
    • Mobile apps
    • Web services
  • CAD automation
  • VR/AR applications:
    • Video animations
    • 3D animations
    • HoloLens apps
  • Software tests
  • Database development
  • Advice and support:
    • Inventory analysis
    • Software architecture
    • Model-based system development (MBSD)
    • Human factor analyses
    • Training

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Robert Brenzinger

Head of Department