Processes, Techniques, Projects: It's all about quality


To my developers, it’s all about the highest quality and so they aim is to have my features implemented perfectly at all times. That is why they have linked and standardized development and techniques across all locations.


Specialists and experts from all our subsidiaries are involved in contributing to the development of HARRI’s innovative features. To accomplish this, we have created our proprietary development process and consistent, superlative caliber quality criteria.

The challenge consisted of the efficient, high-quality design and management of this customer-unaffiliated and overarching development process. This especially with regard to an ISO-26262-compliant validation of the security-critical software. The result is our proprietary Bertrandt development process that will constitute the basis for major projects of the future, and aims for series production and road viability.


Software development based on automotive SPICE®

Defined, standards-based models govern the cooperation of the various dispersed development teams. On one hand, this requires uniform techniques and processes, and on the other, a development landscape that uses evaluated tools. A complex ALM tool chain supports the automotive SPICE®-compliant operating principles and dovetails the engineering activities.

Quality criteria and validation

Ultimately, the quality of the development process is decisive for how well the results turn out. By defining the requirements for project management and setting quality criteria for the software architecture, we have created a reliable framework for high-quality project output and the verification of the products.

Integrated solutions:

  • Customized ALM
  • Our own (proprietary) Tools
  • Iterative incremental development
  • Automotive SPICE®
  • Functional Safety
  • Quality Management


Bertrandt AG

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