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Operate a vehicle intuitively without touching the display or pressing a button – gesture control makes this possible. The challenge, however, is to prevent an involuntary gesture from activating a comfort or safety function. Bertrandt has been involved in the development of gesture control right from the beginning as a validation partner, enabling it to provide comprehensive support for development projects up to start of production and to play a decisive role in driving them forward.   

Our validation team has a broad and in-depth understanding of gesture control – even beyond the system boundaries – and provides comprehensive validation of the various gesture control systems (interior cameras, infrared/ultrasound sensors) in the vehicle itself and on component test benches. This specialized pool of experts combines various competencies, from image recognition (ADTF) and automated testing to vehicle and project management (planning and implementing agile projects), psychology, and HMI.


Graphic with the Bertrandt service portfolio on the subject of gesture control

Time savings through automated testing of interior cameras

A new development in the validation of gesture control systems is the automated playback of gesture recordings. For this purpose, we create videos in the vehicle and test the software on the basis of this data as part of a residual bus simulation (using ADTF and Provetech). The benefits for our customer: accelerated project progress and significant cost savings. Other advantages:

  • Each vehicle is required only once for the recordings
  • Possibility to upscale the test bench or to test several vehicles simultaneously
  • Also suitable for re-testing systems after software updates on production vehicles  

Highly flexible project support and specialized consulting

We see it as our mission not only to provide comprehensive support for our customers, but also to support them spontaneously at any time to ensure that we achieve the common goal of having a functioning system in the vehicle. In addition, we can advise our customers on a multitude of issues (most suitable system, implementation of recognition zones for gestures, problematic interiors, integration into the complete vehicle, interaction with other systems such as voice control, etc.) from the early development and test specification phase through to the advanced development stage. Various specialists are available on request to help with implementation, for example in the fields of machine learning, deep learning, data labeling, and programming.


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