E/E Architecture

Successful E/E Architecture Development at Bertrandt

Success through interdisciplinary cooperation across domains.

We are experts in the design, development, and validation of E/E architectures both on-board and off-board as well as stationary. Cross-domain, interdisciplinary cooperation at Bertrandt makes it possible to design and master complex distributed systems. To do this, we understand, cluster, and document the requirements, make complex relationships manageable, and act as your partner for transmission technologies.

Our services at a glance:

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Designing processes:

We offer end-to-end process analyses, industry-wide experience, and process coaching by experienced trainers. 

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Selecting methods:

Our experts coach and advise you in selecting tailor-made methods based on a best-practice portfolio. In addition, we can also take care of documentation for you.  

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Defining and introducing tool chains:

We support you at every stage, from requirements analysis to the introduction of tools with data migration, as well as providing support for the roll-out process, including training. We make use of a wide range of tools to do this.

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Operative support:

From the work package to the completion of process roles – we are at your side. 

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E/E architectures in transition:

We can pass on our many years of experience directly to our customers in customer workshops and neutral trend scouting. Technical lectures and publications show that our level of knowledge is state-of-the-art.

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Competence in the use of development tools:

We are experts in modeling on both the hardware and software level and in the modeling of functions and network communication. 

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Development of our own E/E architecture:

In the course of our Advanced Engineering project, we had the opportunity to design and develop our own domain architecture. The valuable experience of designing processes ourselves enabled us to learn a great deal and to understand our customers even better than before. We also succeeded in integrating service-oriented communication concepts. We focused on analyzing system limits and system performance and applied our experience with the necessary rethinking processes, including implementation in tooling and board design and in the vehicle itself. Our E/E architecture is state-of-the-art, consistent, executable, and service-oriented.

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Consulting and support:

As your partner for transmission technologies, we support you in areas such as the integration of new communication protocols in concept and series development. We can advise you on the correct use and the properties of vehicle electronics communication protocols. 

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Communication validation in the complete vehicle:

In addition to vehicle preparation, updating, and test drives, we also support you with automated evaluations of communication behavior. In doing so, we make use of our experience in the field of complete vehicle communication, such as routing behavior, network management, and diagnostic behavior.

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Measuring equipment and data analysis:

We offer you measuring equipment in networks, automated trace evaluations, and experience in data exchange formats and definition processes. 

Your Contact

Cornelius Butzkamm

Project Manager E/E Architectures and Networking Technologies

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