Tappenbeck bei Wolfsburg

Tappenbeck near Wolfsburg

Kruemke 1
38479 Tappenbeck

+49 (0) 7034 656-0

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Bertrandt Ingenieurbüro GmbH


Bertrandt Simulations GmbH


Site history and key focus areas

The Bertrandt site has been located in Tappenbeck since 1995 and offers ideal conditions for the development departments based there. It also has premises in Sassenburg and Flechtorf. The focus is on vehicle body, interior, electronics, engine and chassis development and on cross-departmental functions, such as production services and project and quality management. The testing and prototyping departments are also an important feature of the site. The Bertrandt Group's sites work closely together to provide the complete range of services and to cover the entire vehicle development process.


What our location offers

Our subsidiary is in the close vicinity of Wolfsburg and can be reached by car directly via the motorway.

The excellent leisure opportunities around Tappenbeck include the excellent local recreational area of the Bernsteinsee, the Allerpark and the Autostadt.

Our employees have access to a modern work space, occupational health management and a shuttle service to the client’s base and back.

At this location, and on the Triangel site, there is also a canteen.