Sala Al Jadida (Rabat) | MAR


Bâtiment B10, Plateau 401 | Rocade Rabat-Salé
11100 Sala Al Jadida (Rabat)

Bertrandt Technologie SASU

Site history and key focus areas

The Bertrandt site in Rabat was opened in 2023 and is part of our international expansion strategy in the field of EE (electric/electronics) and product engineering to better support local and global customers, partners and to leverage the industrialization of the region.

Our office is strategically located in Technopolis and benefits from the technological ecosystem and local network of universities, research, and development centers.

Our range of services in Morocco is focused on the areas of software development, mechanicals, and new technologies.

What our location offers

Our office is located in Technopolis Parc just a few minutes away from the International University of Rabat. The site offers a modern infrastructure designed to foster innovation and collaboration with flexible coworking spaces. The location has an integrated ecosystem with social areas such as creative hubs, kitchen, and open workspaces.

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