Shape the future of electromobility with us

The trending topic of electromobility offers a variety of different fields in which our colleagues are currently working. Here, for example, we address the electrical powertrain with the development of high-voltage storage and the development of functions and applications for power electronics. A central role is played by interdisciplinary and neighbouring fields of competence, such as multivoltage wiring systems, light-weight vehicle construction, component integration, operational strategy and driving dynamics. 

Help us to develop your technological future and shape your career with us at the same time. Bertrandt has its own electromobility centres and works for all notable OEMs and system suppliers, as well as for vehicle manufacturers, who are only just starting out with the development of new e-vehicle platforms. In addition, in the development of e-mobility, we cover the entire spectrum all the way to overall concepts for electric vehicles.

Bertrandt is involved in technological projects for the automotive industry, developing charging infrastructure for e-vehicles. For example, we have developed and extensively tested a charging system for inductive charging. In this cableless solution, charging takes place via induction from a coil in the ground to a coil below the vehicle. 

A further aspect is the development of electronics and software for data communication between vehicle and charging infrastructure. Further topics we address are the integration of charging columns in a smart grid infrastructure, derivate development for high-voltage batteries and their thermal design and the development of algorithms for battery management systems (BMS).

In our own test centres for high-voltage batteries, all aspects of the electrical powertrain are tested. Here, the batteries are functionally tested for safety in climate chambers with extreme conditions and elsewhere.

In the electrical powertrain field (e-Drive), especially in hybrid concepts, close links between different disciplines are required. Here, we build on our long years of experience in the powertrain field and link classical drive technologies and hybrid technologies with electronics competence. 

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At Bertrandt, I can still achieve lot in the field of electromobility - this seminal industry is still pretty much breaking new ground; there aren't many patents and it's one of the most exciting topics in current mobility development.

Richard Heinemann, Development Engineer in the field of Electronic Development
Mitarbeiter im Bereich Facility Management bei Bertrandt