Influence development in the field of connectivity

Networked vehicles and bidirectional data-exchange via online services are key requirements for future automated and autonomous driving processes. But the journey is in no way near the end yet – join us to explore new development approaches and face the challenges of connectivity. 

You can build your ideas on the basis of the experience that Bertrandt has gained in the last few years through numerous client and technology projects, such as the construction of a virtual vehicle representation (digital twin) in the cloud, or the development of autonomous driving functions. 

In the trend areas of autonomous driving, connectivity and electromobility, we also work in the field of integrative development approaches. We develop intelligent, autonomous driving systems that react themselves to information from the environment and can make decisions accordingly.

The “Automotive Analytics and Development Platform” we have developed also offers a solution for the analysis of sensor data and to develop algorithms using artificial intelligence. With the Bertrandt Automotive Cloud, we have created a solution for the connected car with concepts for data fusion, data analysis, machine learning and algorithm development, and have recourse here to long years of experience with machine data capture (Bertrandt Industry Cloud) and solutions for driverless transport systems in the outdoor area. 

An additional goal for us is to drive forward safety and security aspects in the field of autonomous driving and prevent information being manipulated by unauthorised parties. 
And these are just a few topics that you can help us develop in the field of connectivity. 

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In our sub-division, we are all jointly responsible for the future of mobility - we test the interconnectedness of the vehicle and the driver and so closely observe the trends in the industry."

Steffen Hafner, Lead Engineer in Electronics Protection