Autonomous driving

The future direction of vehicular travel – autonomous driving.

Research and development of autonomous driving is making essential progress. Our employees are a part of this. The range of tasks runs, for example, from data analysis with the aid of machine learning to the development of complex driving functions. 

In the last few years, Bertrandt has developed extensive competences in the development of automated and automatic driving strategies. Thus, for example, through a number of technological and client projects in the automotive sector, we have been able to continuously optimise the sensors for environment recognition. 

In the field of networking for autonomous driving, Bertrandt has supported numerous technological and client projects and promoted topics like over-the-air services, dynamic card updates and security concepts for vehicles. 

In networking with other vehicles and cloud and server structures, we are also proud of our experience. Support us with data input via the “Automotive Analytics and Development Platform”, for example, or in saving and analysing it in the cloud. 

With the increasing level of automation, the methods for testing and safeguarding the new driving functions are also gaining importance. The development of test systems such as HiL/SiL/MiL tests has been an integrated part of Bertrandt’s automotive competences for 40 years. In this way, progress in the development of autonomous driving can be linked directly with the testing of algorithms and safeguarding of new driving functions.

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