Application Lifecycle Services

Application Lifecycle Services – efficient and future-proof

Our many years of experience enable us to take responsibility for planning your project for you and to ease your work load by introducing new IT systems in order to reduce user resistance and ensure a broad acceptance of the new software right from the start. 



We are specialists for new and further developments on the user journey of service and workshop systems. Our solutions will make your after sales digital, efficient, and future-proof.

Sebastian Tötemeier, Team Manager Quality Management & Application Lifecycle Services

Frictionless introduction of a new IT system in complex organizational structures

User Journey Mapping for the optimization of customer touch points relating to products and services

Optimization and digitalization of service processes

Our experts support you by providing complete project control. With their many years of experience, they take responsibility for project planning, and plan the processes, procedures, and scope of your project, as well as the costs and resources, both efficiently and sustainably.

Our specialists determine, analyze, specify, and validate all the properties and framework conditions of a software system that are required or relevant throughout its entire lifecycle.

Our professional system design defines and describes the design functions and processes, including screen layouts, process charts, and other documentation. The results of this phase describe the new system as a collection of modules or subsystems and their user interfaces. 

  • Architecture
    • Processes
    • Interfaces
    • Components
    • Database communication
  • User interface
    • Design basics
    • Interface elements
    • Interaction design

Precisely tailored roll-out management is required in order to minimize the risks when introducing new software solutions. The complexity of a roll-out project increases with the number of locations and countries involved. A large number of factors need to be taken into consideration in order to achieve acceptance among the users. In addition, budget overruns, delays in the schedule, and quality issues must also be avoided. Our experts will be happy to advise you on all these points.

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Sebastian Tötemeier

Team Manager Quality Management & Application Lifecycle Services