After Sales Solutions

After Sales Solutions

We provide a wide variety of services in the after sales area. These range from diagnostic development including generating error codes, through technical editing tasks, business development with customer support and warranty analytics, to product management and pricing.


An overview of our services:

We generate the documentation required to use machines and vehicles, e.g. operating instructions or software manuals, in digital form, as printed products and as customer and workshop literature. We also produce certified work schedule norms.

We develop testing software for diagnostics devices, and we support releases. We also deal with update management in the retail area. We can also provide you with comprehensive testing plans and fault management systems.

In the field of market support we will organize mystery buying, generate audits in the workshop organization, design the product line management system, including developing the workshop equipment strategy. On your behalf we can also take on first, second and third level support, whether ticket or telephone based, supported by the latest media, such as KI image recognition, video functions and mixed reality applications.

Are your staff’s skills important to you? We will help you to develop their hard and soft skills, advise you on selecting methods, and follow up on the training.

Our focus is on your product. We will provide full support with product development, prepare the launch and deliver it, accompanied by highly competent rollout management. Our service package also includes comprehensive, tool-based pricing and project verification to ensure brand protection. The package is rounded off by end-of-life and the associated processes.

With replacement parts supply, speed is key. We will help you with logistics planning, in the parts distribution process chain, and with supplier support, and we shall happily provide a customer support system.

To improve customer service we shall review your complaints management system and ensure rapid, digital processes. We shall also monitor the warranty services provided in order to eliminate abuse. To prevent quality complaints occurring, the service portfolio is rounded off by our preventive quality methods, e.g. FMEA and FuSi (functional safety).

Cooperation partner of Zukunftswerkstatt 4.0

Bertrandt is playing a key role in the Future Mobility Workshop 4.0 with professional solutions in the after sales sector. In this project, which is being funded by the state of Baden-Württemberg, car dealerships and workshops are preparing for the technological transformation process at an early stage.

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Dr. Holger Müller

Vice President Operations – After Sales & Next Media Solutions